Presenting Shell for Your Summer Home Decoration

The shell is unique and has many different kinds that will be great if you apply them to your summer home decoration. It could be the small one or the big one. For the big shell, you can utilize it as a decorative bowl or even the sink. Anyway, here we are not talking about the real shell but also the fake one. Then, for the small one, you can have it in form of an ornament or part of the decoration. For example, you can have the shell dream catcher, wreath, or garland. Then, you can also use the shell to be added to your decorative candle, lampshade, table decoration, and more. If you want to add the summer touch to your summer vase, then you can add some shells to your transparent glass vase. Here are the other examples for you.

Dream Catcher

This beach style summer home decor will make any home decor stylish. When you want to apply the beach theme, the sea shells that are used as a dream catcher will give a beautiful appearance and will steal the attention of every guest who comes. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also add a large shell on the console table with more perfect results. Dream Catcher Shell from villastyling

Centerpieces Shell

Using shell decor to bring beach style to the rest of the home makes for a pretty décor that will steal the show. Spread on a large tray that comes with several pillar candles will add a sophisticated look and look more stylish. Placing this on the dining table will create a different design every year. Some of the greenery in this pot also gives a different and eye-catching design. Centrepieces Shell from phoenix_pheather

Color Wreath Shell

Reusing seashells and shaped into this beautiful wreath will steal the show while adding a beachy touch to the entire room. This will be a simple idea that you can try to create an eye-catching display that will welcome your guests with a festive feeling. In addition to shells, you can add anchor anchors and ship whells to create a unique look. Color Wreath Shell from dekorfaktor

Dough Bowl Shell Centrepieces

Don’t forget to add a feminine touch to your dining table decor. Placing some colorful shells, string balls and pillar candles on the blue glass in this dough bowl will complete a beautiful and eye-catching look. Placing this on the dining table would make a beautiful decoration and enliven the summer in the entire dining room this summer. Dough Bowl Shell Centrepieces from thecagedmuse

Pink Blush Faux Shell Vases

This shell-shaped blouse pink flower vase is equipped with several blooming flowers to make a beautiful table decoration and steal the eye. Making your own or buying it at a flea market will be a unique room decoration that will attract the attention of many people. Putting this on the dining table will welcome your guests with a cheerful feeling Faux Sea Shell Vases from deardianaaa

Shell Bottle Decor

A few small shells placed in this blue bottle will create a unique beach decoration in your home. This decoration will create a unique and attractive summer beach look. Placing this on the dining table will greet your guests with a cheerful and inviting feeling. The addition of several glass bottles with different sizes will give a beautiful design and steal the attention of every guest who comes. Shell Bottle from jamiedietrichdesigns

Wreath Shell Decor

This pink shell will decorate your front door and will welcome your guests with a cheerful feeling. Choosing the material from these glued shells will create an eco-friendly beauty and will steal the eyes of every guest who comes. Adding a quote to this bouquet will steal the attention of many and give it a unique design. Pink Wreath Shell from soulehomedecor

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Shell Jar Decor

The ironed shell is a unique home decoration that will steal the attention of every guest who comes. In addition, adding shells in a vase placed on this tray will complete the summer decor in your home. This summer wood sign will also add a beautiful look and will give your home decor more style. Some of the ornaments above you can place on the console table to give a different design. Shell in Jar from

DIY Candle Holder

The console table design above would make a great décor with shell spray, starfish, and a flower vase for an eye-catching décor. Applying a shell to this pot will give it a look. Hanging on the front door of this house will make the room decoration unique and steal the attention of many people. Combined with the boho style in this decoration, it will produce an attractive and eye-catching home decor. Shell Candle Holder from instantsdedouceur_

Shell Centrepieces

This center piece design will create a unique summer home decor and give your table top a new look. Using a white shell in combination with this red starfish will stand out and will give it a stylish look. This is easy for you to make so that it will make the decoration of this room more beautiful and look more stylish. Shell Centerpieces from dimitraboufi

DIY Monogram Shell Frame

This beautiful shell ornament design completes the appearance of your home to make it look stylish and spoil the eye. This is an attractive decoration and will give the room a different décor. Gluing the shell with this initial shape and in the frame will add a beautiful home decor idea and produce a stylish decor. Making two shell frames with these initials will bring interesting home decor and summer splendor to the entire room. Monogram Shell from michaelsstores

Blue and White Shell Sign

Menempelkan shell pada tanda kayu yang di cat biru dan putih ini akan mengahsilkan dekroasi porch yang indah dan akan mencitpakan tampilan berbeda. Desainya yang simpel ini mampu mengubah porch summer anda lebih indah dan terlihat segar. Selain shell, aksen ornament nautical berwarna senada ini juga akan menjadikan oranmen yang indah dan akan memeriahkan summer di rumah ini. Lentera yang di cat putih ini akan memebrikan tampilan yang senada dan cerah. Shell Sign from sallymoni

Nautical Porch Decor

Try adding shell accents to this patio decor for a stunning summer patio decor. The placement of the shell applied to this pot will be an attractive decoration and will steal the attention of every guest who comes. Fish accents painted in blue and white give it a unique and festive look. This blue and white lantern and frame painting will add style to any room. Shell Porch Decor from sallymoni

Rustic Wreath Shell

Beautiful natural flower bouquets that are installed on the door of your house are perfect for you to use because they are very attractive to welcome summer. You can make this wreath from sea shells which will create a unique patio decoration and steal the attention of many people. In addition to the shell, you can add drift wood accents to give a natural touch to the whole house. Lastly, hanging in front of this entryway will make a beautiful and stylish home decor. Rustic Shell Wreath from flowerartbydoripolgar

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DIY Shell Mirror Frame

Mendekorasi ulang mirror frame dengan tambahkan shell iniakan menjadikan dekroasi yang indah dan akan mencuri mata. Memilih shell dengan ukuran dan warna berbeda ini mampu memebrikan desain yang unik dan akan memebrikan tampilan yang sederhana dan bergaya. Menambahkan aksen driftwood ini juga akan memberikan sentuhan alami ke sleuruh mirror ini dan terlihat lebih bergaya. Menggantungkan di atas dinding ini akan menajdikan dekorasi ruangan yang sempurna. Shell Miror Frame from amabili_sciocchezze

Shell Ornament Home Decor

You can try redecorating your summer home in beach style on this console table. Glittering little pearls placed under this pillar candle will complete the look of this console table. Also, placing some shells in this glass vase will make a beautiful display and will steal the eye. Placed on a console table and combined with some framed paintings and potted greenery, this will create a unique and eye-catching decoration. Shell Ornament from homestylebyflo

Shell Table Runner

You can place several shells of different sizes in this glass bowl so that it will present a beautiful table runner decoration for you to try. In addition, you can add starfish accents that are placed in a bowl so that it will provide an interesting decoration for you to try. This tablecloth made of brown cloth can beautify your dining table decoration and give a warm impression to the entire table. Shell Ornament Table Runner from domeprojectinteriors

Shell Plate Dining Table

This shell-shaped plate completes the look of your dining table so that it will give a beautiful dining table decoration and a beach feel to the overall decor. Buying it at this flea shop will be cheaper so it will decorate this table on a low budget. This cute shape is able to give a beautiful appearance and will be the center of attention when you are at this dining table. Shell Plate from les_ottomans

Candle Holder

Redecorating your summer home with a touch of seashell ornament will add beach style to the entire room. This is a simple way that you can try to decorate your beautiful home. Choosing this fake seashell candle holder painted blue would be a beautiful choice for this room decor. Putting this on the table will also be a simple option that you can try because it will make your home look dramatic. Blue Shell Candle Holder from cynthia.candles_

Shell Ball Ornament

Making your own shell ball decoration will save your budget as well as decorate the room with your creative designs. Simply using a small shell attached to this ball will present a different and interesting home decor. Just put it on top of this Cintage wooden bowl for a unique decoration that will steal the attention of every guest who comes. Shell Ball Home Decor from beachy__things

Shell Bowl

This large kernag bowl will add coastal style to the entire bathroom this summer. Using this shell-shaped bowl will make a beautiful decoration and will steal the eyes of every guest who comes. You can use it to store various toiletries in the form of towels, soap and soap so that it will give the bathroom a neat appearance and avoid clutter. Putting this bowl on this table will give it a neat design. Shell Bowl from behindthedoor_interiors

Sea Shell Candle

These shells turned into candle holders will make a beautiful home decor and will provide natural light throughout the room. Making your own from a large shell and adding these pearls will enhance the design of this candle. Placing this on a table will also make for an interesting décor and will provide dramatic lighting. Sea Shell Candle from sanukvelas

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Sea Shell Dining Table Decor

Using a very beautiful shell plate decoration will decorate your dining table and is perfect for you to try. With beautiful shell plates, sumemr decorations and a touch of starfish for the candle holder will make your table more attractive and perfect. This tablecloth with a botanical pattern completes a fresh and natural look. Sea Shell Plate from les_ottomans

Wreath Shell

Complete this wreath with driftwood and several shells of various sizes and shapes to welcome guests at your entrance. Making your own won’t cost a lot of money so it’ll make the decor fit in your pocket. Adding this starfish will also look attractive and give a stylish look. Hanging in front of this entrance will also beautify the appearance of your terrace. Drift Wood and Shell Wreath from duyogrenpaylas

Shell and Candle Table Runner

Tablecloths from shells of various sizes and shapes will be an attractive room decoration and will steal the attention. Placing it in the center of the dining table will make a beautiful and eye-catching decoration. Don’t forget to complete the look with candles in a glass case for a dramatic design. Combined with this blue tablecloth, it will give a fresh and cool impression to the entire dining table this summer. Sea Shell Table Runner from duyogrenpaylas

Large Sea Shell Centerpieces

Adding shells to this dining table decor will bring a summer vibe to the whole room. Opting for a large white shell and paired with this black wax stick will create a stylish and attractive look. This decor is a simple way you can try to jazz up a summer dinner table and it will rock the beach style throughout the room. Large Sea Shell from matannakatz

Sea Shell Tray Decoration

Decorating your own outdoor table using the coastal style is a must for you to try. Simply using a shell placed in this terrarium will be a beautiful table decoration and will steal the eye. This is a simple method that you can try because it will create a different home decor as well as a summer vibe throughout the room. Sea Shell Lantern from anastasiaavasileiou

Faux Shell Vases

Adding a touch of the sea to this home decor will give it an attractive look while creating a summer home decor. Choosing to use fake shells in the form of a vase gives it a different look as well as a unique design. Just put it on the console table and add some other ornaments to give it a beautiful design. This shell will welcome your guests with a summer vibe throughout the room. Faux Shell Vas from faustine.taillez

This coastal home decor will spice up summer all over the place. You can make your own by using a rope that is shaped into a shell shape, this will produce a cute and beautiful design. Using it as a pot is not a bad idea as it will give a fresh and natural look to your entire home. Simply hang this shell-shaped diy pot on the wall of your home to create an eye-catching display. DIY Rope Shell Hanging Potted from mrs_claw_

Scluptural Sea Shell

This shell-like vase statue will give a beautiful room decoration and will steal the attention of every guest who comes. You can make your own or buy one at a flea market to create a beautiful and stylish home decor. Complementing it with some greenery in this vase will help you add extra freshness to the entire space. Scluptural Shell Vas from nordal_interiors


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