How to Let the Sun Shine in Your Kitchen

We all know that for kitchen decoration, we should make sure that we are able to create a healthy environment there. That becomes something important because the kitchen is the place where we prepare the food as it is even be said as the heart of the house. Anyway, in creating a healthy kitchen, there are some ways that you can do where one of them is by letting the sunshine inside your kitchen. With good natural lighting and air circulation, you can have good humidity there that will be effective to provide a healthy room. Basically, it won’t be difficult to provide good natural lighting inside your house. However, we advise you to have this plan early before you built your house. What you have to do is by installing a wide glass window in your kitchen. Or, you may also have a glass door there in case you have good security as installing the glass door won’t risk your house. Another thing a lot of people have started implementing in their houses are double glaze windows – windows that provide thermal insulation whether it be hot or cool weather. Anyway, another effective way for this is by installing a glass roof for your kitchen. You can choose the one which is the most effective possible one for your house. Here are examples of the applications.

Transparent Glass Roof Kitchen

Increasing natural light is a very simple way to adjust the color in a space and will change the mood of the day to be brighter. Currently, you can apply glass material to some of the kitchen roof to petrify the room lighting during the day. Choose and use only transparent glass material so you can see the sky from inside the room, the surface is thick enough to allow this glass roof to last longer and of course, it is not easy to break when used for a long period of time. Usually, the use of this roof glass is used in a modern, contemporary, or minimalist style kitchen decoration. Transparant Glass Roof Kitchen from @ourharenhome

Single Panel Glass Wall Kitchen

Instead of using concrete or brick walls, now you can use transparent glass walls that have a fairly wide and spacious size. The use of walls in this kitchen decoration allows you to get several advantages that can be achieved. For example, you can enter sunlight into the room freely and with an unlimited amount. In addition, another advantage that can be obtained is having a beautiful outdoor garden view filled with fresh green grass. Just do maintenance on this glass wall panel by giving cleaning fluid and wiping it using a soft cloth so it doesn’t scratch. Single Panel Glass Wall Kitchen from @no10thesmithshome

Wide Door Kitchen Ideas

Do you want to bring sunlight into the kitchen decor with more leverage? If so, then you can try using a wide and large glass door to let natural light in and of course bring its own advantages to your kitchen decor. This is the best way you can do it. One of the advantages that can be obtained is to make the room look bigger and wider. Not only glass door but this kitchen decoration is perfected with a glass roof that has more than one with a square shape that looks modern. Wide Window Kitchen Ideas from @renovating_trentview

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Glass Roof to Wall Kitchen

Look at the glass material that is applied to the use of this wall and roof, doesn’t it look very modern and charming? Just combine this transparent glass material with a solid black metal frame that can bring a monochromatic vibe into the room instantly. Currently, you can try it in the kitchen decoration section which requires more sunlight for interior protection so that it is not easily moist and not easily porous when used for a long period of time. In this way, the kitchen decoration will get the reflection of sunlight throughout the day so it doesn’t need electrical energy anymore in the morning until the afternoon. Modern Glass Roof to Wall Kitchen from @traumhaus_cr

Multiple Glass Window Roof

When you are going to use a glass window on the roof, don’t just use one so that the sunlight you get is also more leverage. You can adjust the use of this roof glass window with the breadth of your kitchen decor so that it can work well during the day. If you have a large and open kitchen, then the use of four to five roof windows is good enough to use. Especially when added with transparent glass windows, there is no need to worry about the kitchen area being dark during the day. Indirectly, you also save on expenses for paying electricity bills because you no longer need recessed lights or chandeliers during the day. Multiple Glass Window Roof from

Pointy Windows Design Ideas

The existence of windows in every room is very important to support room lighting that makes you comfortable when doing activities in the room. But now you can choose a more unique and different design for a better look too. For example, suppose you use a pointy window with three sections that have the same size, color, and height. Finish the appearance of this window frame with white paint so that it has color harmony with the use of countertops and kitchen walls so that it looks more elegant and not boring. The reflection of the sun will enter the room freely so that when you do kitchen activities, you will indirectly be exposed to the sun as well as to sunbathe to nourish your body. Pointy Windows in White Paint Color from @aninteriorlife

Built-in Glass Window with Door Ideas

There are so many advantages that you can get from using glass windows in the kitchen area. One of them as natural lighting that can be obtained more easily and maximally. In addition, you can do kitchen activities with a refreshing outdoor garden view. The existence of this transparent glass material is not only on the door, but blends with the window complete with a solid black metal frame. There’s nothing wrong with lining this glass door window with a flowy curtain to maintain the privacy of the kitchen room when needed. The high design makes the kitchen room feel more spacious, open and very suitable for use in a modern or minimalist style room. Built-in Glass Window with Door Ideas from @ashleigh_james_interiors

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Floor to Roof Glass Window

This kitchen room which is dominated by white color can be perfected with large, wide and high glass windows. This way, the kitchen decor will look bright all day long. Just use the window as well as this kitchen wall with transparent glass material so you can see the outdoors freely. This floor to roof glass window design is perfected with a frame that has been repainted in plain white so that it looks more in harmony with the dominance of the kitchen interior that is used. White paint is always the best choice that never fails when applied in any room and in any style. Floor to Roof Glass Window from @emmsfarmhouse_hamptons_love

Country Style Glass Window Design

Adjust the style of the glass window that is used in the kitchen with the style of the room that is used. When you use a country style kitchen, the glass window that is perfected with a wooden frame is the perfect combination choice. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also repaint the wooden frame with plain white paint that can be easily combined with other interiors around it. Because this glass window is right in the sink area, you can wash dishes or wash vegetables with a beautiful outdoor view because it is filled with shady trees and fresh green plants. The series of green plants with tall glass vases are additional countertop decorations that can be obtained easily. Country Style Glass Window Design from @halvorsen_interiors

Minimalist Glass Window and Glass Roof

Does your small kitchen look dark because it is located in the corner of the house? No need to worry because now you can try to add a minimalist glass window on the roof of your kitchen. Apply this glass roof just below the cooking area so it will really help your activities while in the kitchen. In addition to being an area where sunlight enters, its existence makes this kitchen decoration more different and has a unique decoration that some people don’t think about. Because your kitchen is small, one roof window is enough to illuminate this room during the day. Minimalist Glass Window and Glass roof from @fedesfotos

Industrial Style Glass Door Design

This transparent glass combined with metal is the best combination to present an industrial theme in your home decor. Now you can try it on the kitchen door that has been perfected with the use of a brick wall that has been repainted using plain white. The use of glass doors with a large size is intended so that sunlight can enter the room freely. During the day you can open this glass door so that the air in the room will be exchanged for fresher outdoor air. No need to worry about the kitchen room being easily damp and smelly. Industrial Style Glass Door Design from @aninteriorlife

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Glass Window Kitchen with Wooden Frame

So that your kitchen gets a natural impression at all times, an easy way you can do is to add wood accents. You can also apply wood accents not only on furniture, but as a frame on the kitchen window it is also a very smart idea. Glass windows will enter natural light from outside, so it will help you save on electricity costs. In addition, using wood accents as a frame on the glass window will also give the impression of being warm and environmentally friendly. The presence of indoor green plants is an additional room decoration that will bring an outdoor feel instantly. Glass Window Kitchen with Wooden Frame from @nicholls_design

Natural Lighting in the Kitchen

Take advantage of your kitchen roof to serve as the main supplier of sunlight during the day. The right step for you to apply the idea this time is to add some glass windows on the roof of the kitchen in your home. Don’t hesitate to install two or three glass window roof, because the more glass windows you have on the kitchen roof, the more light will enter the room. You can use this roof window with the same size so that it looks very symmetrical, organized and neat. Kitchen décor that has a modern vibe fits perfectly with the use of these roof windows because they work well together in the same room. Natural Lighting in the Kitchen from @candckitchens

Simple Look Shutter Window Ideas

To get maximum lighting at all times in your kitchen, using a wide and minimalist window is the right idea. A wide window will make more light enter the room, but to maintain security while adding to the appearance of the kitchen to be more attractive it would be nice if you use a shuttered window that can be easily adjusted how wide the window will be opened. The use of a shuttered window in this kitchen decor adds a vintage vibe that you can combine directly with a layer of plain white paint. The use of pendant lamps in this room is a lighting idea that you can use only at night. Simple Look Shutter Window Ideas from @making.ahouse.aholmes

Metal Glass Frame Window

If you have an all-white kitchen with the use of glass windows as lighting aids, it will certainly make this kitchen look more neutral, and bright and attract attention. To avoid boring things in this room, you should use an iron frame made of solid black metal, this selection of materials and colors aims to give your kitchen a different color. While metal is a strong material so it can be used for a long time. Don’t forget to coat this black metal frame with transparent paint to give it a shiny effect so it will look more modern. Black Matte Metal Glass Frame Window from @ourlittlelondonabode


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