Styling Your Tray this Fall with These 10 Ideas

Do you need something simple but effective to create fall decorations in an easy way? the answer is your tray! Yes, by using only the tray, you can surely get the proper fall decoration. However, of course, you have to prepare some good stuff to be placed there. So, it will be about the tray decoration. Since there are many kinds of trays, then you can choose whether you want the single stage tray or the tiered tray. If you want something that can be more effective, then the tiered tray is recommended because it will be more stand out. But, if you just need a simple one for your table or kitchen island, then the single-stage tray is the best choice. For the stuff that you can decorate there, you can have pumpkins (for sure), maple leaves, wheat, grain, and more. Look at the following pretty tray decoration with the fall theme.

Gold Metal Fall Tiered Tray

Decorating the living room is one of the rooms that is often used to gather and talk with family, therefore you can decorate it as much as possible. Adjust the theme of the living room to the current season, when it is spring, you can decorate the empty coffee table with a fall tray that contains important and favorite ornaments. Here you can use a tray made of gold metal so that it brings its own beautiful color into your living room. Just fill the design of this tiered tray starting at the bottom and working your way up. Pumpkin ornaments, dried flowers and beads are a combination of decorations that can be applied simultaneously in a very neat arrangement. Gold Metal Fall Tiered Tray from @decoratingmyhome

Farmhouse Fall Tray Display

The easiest way you can welcome fall early this year is with a pumpkin-themed tiered tray that looks amazing. Three tiers are all you need to complete this standout décor. This white repainted wooden tray gives an instant farmhouse vibe. Feel free to place a mini pumpkin ornament on top of this tiered tray to add vibrant color to any room you place it in. When you are going to put it on the dresser table, just complete it with magical mason jars, a series of beads, and a blackboard that is used as a fall sign which is written using white chalk so it can look very clear and bold. Farmhouse Fall Tray Display Ideas from @decoratingmyhome

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Single Galvanized Fall Tray Decor

If you have a vintage-inspired galvanized tray then this will make a great container as one of the best decorations for fall this year. Start by collecting some ornaments that have an autumn vibe such as a white pumpkin ornament, garland beads, and a fall sign covered with a simple wooden frame without repainting. Because this fall galvanized tray has a size that is not too big, you can move it to any room according to the required room decoration. To make it look more striking, you can put it together with a fall sign that is hung on one part of the wall so that you add maximum quality to the fall decoration. They easily liven up any decorative piece in the surrounding room. Single Galvanized Fall Tray Decor from @petalsandbloomshome

Carving Pattern for Artistic Look

Combining classic with artistic elements in this tiered tray design is an idea that will not fail and is suitable for early autumn decorations this year. No one expected it when you beautifully engraved the outer surface of this fall tray. This is the perfect serving tray to place some of your favorite and important fall ornaments, one of which is pumpkin ornaments of various colors, sizes, and different functions. This is done so that it looks more varied and not boring. There is a ceramic pumpkin section in this tray that can be used as storage for small items such as house keys so that it works very multifunctional. Currently, you can put it in the hallway or entryway area so that it can be used as an initial welcome for guests who come to your home. Carving Pattern Tiered Tray from @frostingjewelry

Cottage Iron Fall Tray Design

You can try this simple and sturdy look by using the autumn tray cottage design made of reclaimed iron material which has a deep black color. looks more diverse. Pumpkins, dry flowers blooming and squirrel ornaments are the right combination that can be arranged neatly and orderly. Another advantage of using this tiered iron tray is that it has a handle that makes it easy for you to move it when needed. When everything is neatly arranged and as desired, then you can put it in one of the rooms of the house that is often visited by your friends or family as a different eye view. Cottage Iron Fall Tray Design from @mycraftedhome

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DIY Wooden Tray with Handle Ideas

Check out this fall DIY tray, its simple design complete with handles on both sides. The combination of wood and iron is a smart idea that you can apply to trays this fall, both of which have a hard surface that is not easily porous when used for a long time. Not only pumpkin ornaments that you can place on this tray, but a cup of tea, a hello sign, a series of dry wheat, and aromatic candles are very charming ideas to be applied in the same container. Before using it, you can paint it first using plain white so it looks more neutral and easy to combine with other interiors that are placed around it. This fall DIY wooden tray is easy to take anywhere you need. DIY Wooden Tray with Handle from @sweetkozyhome

Fall Season Tiered Tray Decor

Take your old tray to reuse as an ornament application or autumn decoration that is ready to be used this month. When this tray is made of natural wood, you can repaint it with transparent paint so it will look more attractive, clean, and shiny. Furthermore, several ornaments that are placed simultaneously on this tiered tray require proper arrangement so that everything can be arranged neatly. You can make pumpkin ornaments with plaid cloth which is dominated by a combination of black and white. Add a little greenery to the pot with the use of orange cup pots so it has a touch of fall that blends in perfectly. Finish the look of this tiered tray with a monogram M as your family’s initials so that it brings a touch of personality that looks interesting. Fall Season Tiered Tray Decor from @dimarquex

Modern Style Fall Tray Design

A variety of shapes and textures make this tiered tray an attractive accent. Weaving pumpkins are large enough to make the level suitable when combined with greenery, berries, and pinecones which are placed symmetrically in the same tray. All of these ornaments or decorations can be obtained easily around your house, when you don’t have them, just buy them online to make it more practical. This ceramic tray with a shiny iron frame gives off a modern vibe that never goes out of style. The beauty of this craft makes your room have the fall decor you want. Just place it on a kitchen island that has a neutral white base countertop. Modern Style Fall Tray Design from @themodernjuggle

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Large Fall Tray Display

Not only in decorating the living room or entryway to put an autumn tray. Kitchen decorations also require similar ornaments and decorations. Now you can do it yourself to make autumn trays that are dominated by teak wood and looks sturdy and has a smooth surface. Choose and use a white pumpkin with a size large enough to fit the tray in use. Place this autumn tray on the kitchen cabinet countertop as a bold decoration that can be decorated freely according to your wishes. A jar filled with dried flowers is an additional decoration that you can easily get in your backyard garden. Try these tray craft ideas for a festive welcome when autumn arrives. Large Wooden Fall Tray Display from @foreveryoungfarmhouse

Environmentally Friendly Fall Tray Ideas

Do you have the expertise to weave rattan? If yes, then you can make a craft tray to be used as an autumn decoration that is always present every year. This tray looks natural and environmentally friendly because it is made of rattan which is easy to get. What you can do here is filling the tray with mini pumpkins, dried flower arrangements in ceramic vases, white beads ornaments, and a candle holder that has a shiny gold color. After that, just put it on the coffee table in the living room as the main decoration that can be seen by anyone who comes to your house. Place it right in the middle of the coffee table so that it still has a table surface that is wide enough to put a few cups of coffee or tea for your guests. Wicker Rattan Material Fall Tray Ideas from @jojos_home_decor


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