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Complete Your Winter Home with These 20 Chandelier Designs

Winter Decoration • 13 Comments

Lighting becomes something important for home decoration. It is not only about its function to glow…
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15 Decorative Jar Lighting Designs for Your Winter Home Decor

Accessories, Winter Decoration

For small, varied, and affordable decorative lighting to complete your winter decoration, you can c…
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45 Best Lighting Designs for Your Winter Home Touch

Home Decoration, Winter Decoration • 10 Comments

For seasonal lighting, commonly it is done by adding the character touches of the season. Let’…
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How to Make Winter Mason Jar Lighting

DIY Ideas, Winter Decoration • 103 Comments

Mason jars always become interesting stuff to be used as DIY project material. It could be used to …
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50 Proper DIY Lighting Ideas

Decoration, Home Decoration • 82 Comments

Your house won’t be complete without lighting. In this case, the lighting will be really vari…
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