8 Rustic Shelves Ideas That Easy To Make and Look Eye-Catching

More storage is the answer of your home organizing problem. You need more storage to keep your goods even very tiny things. One of the easiest storage to make is shelves. You may use wood to get rustic shelves. Here, you don’t need much money to spend. Just make sure you have very basic carpentry skill.

How to Decorate Lampshade Easily With Affordable Materials

A lamp may have similar light but can have different shade. If you want to have different lampshade pattern, you may create or buy it at certain store. However, it may tackle high price to get the best lampshade pattern. Further, apply unique lampshade may give you proud feeling. It makes the lamp looks special and inviting.

8 Super Easy DIY Room Decor Ideas That Need Less Than An Hour

Decorating a room doesn’t have to spend more time and money. You can make it into less than an hour. However, you have to be more creative. It deals with how you mix and match simple things on your room with the décor style. Take a look at these super easy DIY room decor that can be done in minutes;