Whether you want the snows fall or see the sunset at evening, any season you will have more relaxing time at patio. Rustic design will keep you warm at winter and feel fresh when summer. Get better time with your family by drinking tea at morning also seems as a great moment that can be done in patio. Check out these following rustic patio designs that you may copy for your outdoor;

Having private sauna may become one of your dreams. You can enjoy the warmth anytime you want. Relaxing your body at sauna may improve your health and boost your mood. Don’t think too far, it’s just a place for simple bathing and body relaxing. The Cedar Barrel Sauna Building your own sauna with good cedar wood doesn’t really require any special insulation. Cedar wood noted as the best material to build a sauna. Just make sure you already predict the right measurement and compactness to build it. DIY Spa Sauna When you have large outdoor area, creating this DIY Spa Sauna will not hard. However, if you an urban dweller or live in apartment, may be this is not fit to you. Here, you need more pallet wood and wood log to have this amazing spa sauna. Wintertime Sauna DIY To get extra warmth at winter, build wintertime sauna may…

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