Popular Kitchen Backsplash Materials

The backsplash is materials installed to cover the area between a kitchen countertop and cabinet. Initially, the homeowner needs it in order to protect the wall from spills, stains, or splatters during the cooking times. But recently, its role has increasingly been shifted to a decorative element in which homeowners only focus on creating it as a kitchen’s focal point.

Well, it is definitely hard to find materials that can cover those two roles all at once. Luckily, we have rounded up these popular backsplash materials that can work for both purposes—as protector or décor.


Tiles are often the most attractive option due to their huge range of colors, sizes, patterns, shapes, and styles. Homeowners can easily choose the tiles to fit the surroundings. For example, the green, blue, and white tiles will go perfectly together with blue cabinetry.

One of the best kitchen backsplash tile ideas is to mix and match coordinating tiles for texture and effect. Using white backsplash tiles combined with blue cabinets will create the perfect kitchen decor and will have the perfect contrast. The white nuances on the walls of this kitchen will create an attractive decoration for the room. Subway tile backsplash from thespruce.

This chic heringbone backsplash tile is all about subtle patterns in glossy blue. Combined with blue cabinets also give the kitchen a sleek look and will grab the attention of many. These open wooden block shelves provide additional storage so that your kitchen will avoid clutter. These white framed windows provide the perfect contrast so that they will create a bright decor in the room. Glossy blue heringbone backsplash from housebeautiful.

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Are you looking for a luxurious and sophisticated look of a backsplash? If yes, then opt for marble. Some popular marbles to choose are white, black, red, brown, grey, yellow, pink, and green. Install them. Then, they will shine naturally for the kitchen.

Marble backsplash with marble countertop also makes the kitchen look minimalist as well as modern. Using this open marble shelf creates an attractive room decor that will still look luxurious. The gold finish of the open shelf handles and brackets gives this kitchen a luxurious touch. The oak cabinet will give your kitchen a unique appearance. Marble backsplash from shelterness.

The all-white kitchen color scheme is complemented by a white marble backsplash and countertop. This is a great idea to decorate a white themed kitchen for an elegant look. These open wooden shelves add an elegant impression to this kitchen. Adding this kitchen island with marble countertops will create a unique decor for the room. A wooden high chair will also complement this kitchen décor. All-white kitchen with marble backsplash from shelterness.

Stainless Steel

If your aim is to look modern or futuristic, stainless steel is the best material to consider. Also, this material works well to combat oil splatter.

They will always shine and look stylish though you are an active cook.

Everything in this kitchen is made of stainless steel, including the cooker hood and backsplash. This makes this kitchen look durable and sturdy. Best of all, every piece of kitchen furniture can be easy to clean. Plus, it works well for fighting oil splashes. using this material will reflect light so that your kitchen will look bright and spacious. Stainless steel cooker hood and backsplash from hgtv.

This brick-like stainless steel tile arrangement adds texture and brightness to this tiny kitchen. Plus, it creates a simple modern décor in this kitchen decor. Combined with dark brown wooden cabinets, the room decor is perfect and will make this kitchen look elegant. Using this ingredient will work well against oil splashes so it’s perfect for you to try now. Brick stainless steel from hgtv.

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Though glass isn’t a popular option, it can be really attractive and effective to use. Why? Because the glass can resist the heat and water well. Then, it is easy to clean too. Moreover, a small kitchen can be spacious enough when applying glass as the backsplash.

A very sleek and elegant glass back in this modern kitchen instead of giving it a modern design. The glass backsplash is also very easy to clean after you finish cooking. While not a popular choice, glass can be very attractive and effective to use. You can complement your home decor with marble counters for an elegant kitchen design. Glass backsplash ideas from trendir.

Make a little pop of color decoration. Especially in this kitchen, with a white glass backsplash. It is flanked by white kitchen cabinets that make subtle colors pop. Combined with a cooker hood made of stainless steel will create a perfect decoration for the room. Using this glass backsplash will be easy to clean and will create a modern space. White glass backsplash from trendir.


When the natural stones aren’t affordable for you, concrete can be a smart and budget-friendly alternative to select. It offers similar benefits like stones, such as durable, strong, and heat-resistant.

With proper treatments, concrete can fit any home designs like industrial, rustic, minimalist, farmhouse, etc.

Peaceful minimalist kitchen with dark cabinets and concrete countertop and backsplash. You can make a super minimalist kitchen with these ingredients. But the elegant and neat concept helps improve the kitchen layout. Adding open shelves made of reclaimed wood will make it easier for you to clean, coat some cutlery and other ornaments. Planting green in this pot will make the room fresh and seem natural. Concrete countertop and backsplash from digsdigs.

A Scandinavian room with a concrete backsplash and marble table will look very stylish and neat. Combined with wood cabinets, this will create a more emanating kitchen decoration for you to try. The addition of open wooden shelves will make your kitchen tidy and will avoid clutter. this wooden floor will make for a warm room. Concrete backsplash and marble table from digsdigs.

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Have you got backsplash materials to use? We know that selecting the materials would be a daunting process. However, when you are doing a kitchen renovation, we do hope this information can help you a lot.


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