3 Decor Ideas You’ll Love to Set up a Cozy Apartment Balcony

If you’re thinking about having an additional fresh area to hang out and spend your leisure time with family and friends, why don’t you maximize your apartment balcony? Excited? Find out three excellent apartment balcony decor ideas and get ready to set up your new cozy and inviting outdoor space.

1. Start with the Right Furniture and Accessories

First things first, ask yourself what activities you will mostly do on the balcony and which design theme you prefer. Then, get furniture and accessories that support that styling option. If you want to make it a hangout area, for instance, you can pick an outdoor lounge chair or other armchair options. However, for those of you who want to set a romantic outdoor dining area, then 3-piece dining sets will be enough.

The transparent plastic arm chairs placed in the apartment balcony decoration can be used as a relaxing sitting area while enjoying the beautiful outdoor area. Perfect this chair with a coffee table to put the snacks provided, you can coat the floor area with a rug runner that has a splash of neutral color so that it is easier to combine with other furniture around it. Transparent plastic arm chairs from apartmenttherapy.

You can use the balcony area for outdoor decoration of a small dining room which is equipped with two chairs and a simple folding dining table. You can use this outdoor dining room together with your partner to make it feel more romantic, besides the use of the outdoor folding dining table set can be moved to another room so you get more balcony floor area. Outdoor balcony dining room from apartmenttherapy.

The combination of arm chairs with a round coffee table is a very appropriate outdoor furniture idea and does not take up much balcony space. This outdoor furniture becomes a very comfortable sitting area and can be used whenever you want. You can choose the design of arm chairs made of woven rattan which seems cheap and on budget. Cover this wicker chair with throw pillows for a warmer, more cushioned surface. Combination of rattan chairs with round coffee table from apartmenttherapy.

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2. Let Greenery and Flowers Create Peaceful Effects

One of the apartment balcony decor ideas is to add potted plants and flowers. You can either use a wall planter or simply place them in a container. Keep in mind that you should always consider the sunlight. If your balcony receives more sun, you can opt for rosemary, zinnias, jasmine, or other plants that grow in full sun. While philodendron, periwinkle, and daisies are some great options for the shady balcony.   

Several types of green plants that are applied to cement pots of different sizes can be placed in the corner of the apartment balcony as a fresh decoration that can be obtained easily and cheaply. The selection of this cement pot is very appropriate because it has a material that is stronger and not easily broken. Complete the presence of this green plant with a round mirror that is hung on an empty wall area as a sweet finishing touch. Green plant with cement pots from apartmenttherapy.

Vertical plants that are applied to the balcony wall are a smart idea for decorating apartments that have a smaller size. You can complement these vines with a few different types of flowers to add more fun color to the balcony decor. Don’t forget to use folding chairs and tables for furniture ideas that can be moved easily. Vertical plants from apartmenttherapy.

Not only on the walls, you can also use the floor area to put various types of green plants and their pots. The more ornamental plants that are placed in the balcony area, the air that is obtained in this balcony decoration will also be fresher. Do the treatment regularly to get the results that match your expectations. Balcony floor plant from apartmenttherapy.

The appearance of a red brick wall will look more attractive when you decorate it with white hanging pots that have different sizes and shapes, the shape of this plant pot looks more unique so it is highly recommended to try it. Plants that can be applied in white ceramic pots are succulents that are easy to care for and don’t require too much sunlight. Hanging succulent plants from apartmenttherapy.

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3. Prepare the Perfect Lighting for Enjoying the Night

You can also turn your balcony into a magical outdoor lounge or a beautiful party space at night. That being said, you need to add beautiful lighting fixtures like wall sconces or pendant lamps. For a more dramatic feel, you can also add lanterns, string lights, or candles—which can become great decorative elements for your apartment balcony. 

Choose and use a string light that has white lighting to be used as the main lighting in your balcony apartment decoration. You can apply this string light to the balcony railing evenly. The light produced from this string light is very shady so it is suitable to be enjoyed with your partner to make it feel more romantic and dramatic. White string light from balconygardenweb.

When your string light bulb has not been able to meet the lighting in your apartment decor, combine it with several small candles as additional lighting ideas that give a warm impression. You can apply the light bulb to the fence while the candle holder to the wooden table that still has a blank surface. Combination of string bulb light with candles from balconygardenweb.

Not only using a string light, now you can use a hanging lantern as an idea for lighting an apartment balcony that is very easy to attach to an empty wall. Hang this lantern right on the wall near the chair so you can get maximum lighting at night. This lamp lantern also gives the impression of a more vintage balcony. Hanging lantern from balconygardenweb.

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Those are the three best apartment balcony decor ideas you should try. Make your balcony a comfortable and favorite place to enjoy your time. Just feel free to explore and express your own decor ideas. Good luck!

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