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20 Winter Rustic Bathroom Decor Ideas to Copy

When winter comes, don’t let your bathroom becomes a freezing place. Check out the following winter…

With snowstorm knocking at the door and windows, cozying up in your house is the only thing you can do. While that fireplace is not appealing anymore and you don’t have any books to entertain, you should think of another place.

If you think that the bathroom is the last thing that comes up in your mind during winter, think again. In fact, the place can be another cozy place with its warm water. To level up the coziness, do a winter rustic bathroom decor.

1. Bathroom with a Fireplace

When the winter comes, being at a bathhouse around spring water is a beautiful imagination. If there is no such place around the neighborhood, then you can create a similar place in your house. Turn your bathroom into a small bathhouse. Arrange andesite stones by the bathtub to create a fireplace. With the window facing the forest, you will feel like bathing in a water spring.

An easy way to add warmth to your winter bathroom decor is to add an interior fireplace that is applied right in front of your bathtub. This fireplace utilizes a small area of ​​the stone wall so that it can be used better and maximally, then the use of glass windows is a smart idea to see an outdoor view full of greenery. Built-in stone fireplace from onekindesign.

Andesite stone fireplace that is placed next to the bathtub is a heating accent that you can use when the weather in the room starts to feel cold. This fireplace is equipped with red herringbone bricks on the inside which can be seen from the outside so that it looks more attractive and not too plain. You can try this fireplace easily without spending a lot of money. Andesite stone fireplace beside the bathtub from onekindesign.

This stone wall equipped with a fireplace design is a smart idea that you can apply to winter bathroom decorations. You can use a medium-sized fireplace to maximize the warmth of the room that can be enjoyed while you swim. Instead of using a wall with glass windows as an outdoor view area that you can enjoy while soaking in the bathtub. Stone wall with fireplace accent square shape from onekindesign.

The fireplace is one of the must-have interiors in all rooms in the house during winter. When you have a rustic bathroom decor, you can use a natural stone fireplace which is dominated by neutral colors so that it can be combined with other interiors around it, for example, standing white bathtubs and red wood floors which have a smoother and softer surface. Natural stone fireplace design from onekindesign.

Look at the combination of stone, wood and cooper in this rustic bathroom, doesn’t it look beautiful and attractive? Currently you can apply stone material as a fireplace, while cooper material can be turned into a standing bathtub that can be used for a warm bath equipped with candle lighting on the top surface. Furthermore, the wooden floor is the finishing touch that looks shabby chic. Combination of stone fireplace with cooper bathtub from shelterness.

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2. Reclaimed Materials

Reclaimed woods all over the room are still able to warm you up. Woods are known for their capability of keeping the cold out. In fact, it does not absorb any temperature. To keep everything rustic, choose a rustic copper bathtub, chandelier, mirror, and lighting. The natural color combination of wood and rustic copper is all you need to warm up the vibe. That is your full winter rustic bathroom decor.

If you use reclaimed wood for wall and ceiling designs, then it’s a good idea to combine it with a cooper bathtub that is placed right next to your glass window. The combination of these two materials is perfected with some dramatic dim lighting, including a combination of wall scones lamps in different areas and also classic hanging chandeliers with reclaimed iron as the main material. Reclaimed wood wall and ceiling bathroom from architectureartdesigns.

This standing bathtub with shiny cooper material is one of the rustic winter bathroom decoration statements this year. You can easily combine it with reclaimed wood like the two small benches next to this bathtub. In addition to wood, you can also use natural stone materials in some bathroom interiors naturally and easy to install. Cooper standing bathtub with reclaimed wood bench from architectureartdesigns.

You can try the reclaimed wood material that is applied to this sink cabinet for decorating a rustic bathroom in winter. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also enhance the appearance of this interior by using a cooper bathtub which has an oval shape in the middle of the bathroom so that it can be used as a beautiful and useful focal point. Reclaimed wood cabinet sink from architectureartdesigns.

The design of the reclaimed wooden bench that is placed next to the round cooper bathtub becomes furniture that is very useful for placing small items that will be placed while bathing. To add a warm impression in this bathroom, you can put a few candles in the corner of the room as an on-budget lighting idea that can be easily obtained. Reclaimed wood bench with round cooper bathtub from shelterness.

Look at the cooper bathtub that is placed in this rustic bathroom decor, doesn’t it look shiny and looks classic? Now you can combine it with the use of reclaimed wood floors and a matching ceiling to give the bathroom a more natural feel and of course very environmentally friendly. On the other hand, wood also has a selling price that is not too expensive so it is very affordable and very suitable for those of you who want to decorate a room on a budget. Reclaimed wood floor with classic cooper bathtub from shelterness.

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3. Natural Wooden Colors All Over

Starting from the door to the cabinets are natural colors of woods. Combined with warm color lightings, this look will be a perfect retreat place from the cold winter. Choose wooden materials for the cabinet, mirror, walls, flooring, and shelf. Choose a matching color for the vanity. The warm and earthy colors will make you forget the cold wind outside.

To prepare for winter, try to change your rustic bathroom decor by using wood elements. In order to maintain the original color of the logs, you can coat them with transparent paint. The original wood color that covers the room will give a warm impression in winter, coupled with dim lights that are deliberately installed in several corners of the room. Bathroom material log wood elements from upgradedhome.

You can also use wood accents on the door or wall furniture in the bathroom. With this, your bathroom will get a warm rustic look. You can also give a large mirror in the bathroom a wooden frame to make it more harmonious with your rustic bathroom style. Your winter will feel warmer with this wooden decoration. Earth tone color winter bathroom from upgradedhome.

Not only on furniture, you can also apply wood accents on the floor, walls, to the ceiling. The wood accents that you use for bathroom decoration will last longer if you give the finishing touch with a layer of transparent paint, but it will also give an effect that emphasizes the original color of the wood so it will look more attractive. The entry of sunlight through the glass window makes the wood material not easily moist or porous. The color of wood in the interior of the bathroom from hgtv.

Welcoming winter by using wood accents as a rustic bathroom decoration is the right idea. You will easily get a warm impression in the room that arises from the wood you use. You can coat the walls of the room with wooden boards, this will make the room look more rustic. Bold patterned on the carpet becomes the focal point of the room that can maximize the warmth of your feet. Wooden material rustic bathroom from hgtv.

You can try the brown shades that you can apply in this rustic bathroom decor by using natural wood materials that are applied throughout the interior evenly. You can use wood with two different colors for a more attractive appearance and of course not just stick to one color. Currently you can use the lighting that is placed on top of the vanity for dramatic lighting that can be obtained easily. Shades of brown with the use of natural wood from upgradedhome.

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4. Cabin Bathroom

When first entering a cabin, what will you feel? Yes, you will feel that same sensation when entering this cabin-like bathroom. Wooden materials are used for the interior and walls. For a total cabin-like look, add some log texture on the wall. 

Do you want to bring the feel of a cabin in your rustic bathroom decor? If so, then you can combine log wood material with natural stone which is applied to your walls, ceiling and floor area. You can use wooden logs on some of the walls of this room with natural colors or without paint to maintain a rustic statement that looks natural and environmentally friendly. Combination of log wood and stone material from architectureartdesigns.

The piece of shabby chic wood used as a blend of materials from this bathroom decor gives a touch of rustic style instantly. You can try to combine it with stone material on the walls and floors which have a smoother surface so that they are comfortable to use for your activities while in the bathroom. The wood material used presents a cabin style that never goes out of style, you can copy this decoration idea on a budget. Shabby chic wooden bathroom from architectureartdesigns.

Log wood material is an easy way to present a rustic cabin style in your bathroom decor, you can start with the use of walls and then continue with the use of stone materials on your floor area. The stone material used can choose a variety of different colors so that the appearance of this rustic bathroom looks more unique and different. Use dimmer lighting for a dramatic feel. Log wood wall rustic bathroom from architectureartdesigns.

Forget winter this year by using wood throughout your bathroom interior. You can start by using wooden logs in some parts of the wall. For some other walls, you can use wooden boards with the same color, namely light brown so that they can blend in perfectly when combined in the same room. In addition, the color of wood is also able to give a warm impression to the room. Combination of wooden logs with wooden planks from upgradedhome.

You can get rustic cabin bathroom decorations easily, one of them is by using wooden logs on the walls and wooden furniture in this room which will be very supportive. This wood material should be combined with natural lighting that can enter through the use of transparent glass windows. You can also put green plants in the corner of the room as a natural decoration that is easy to get. Log cabin wooden bathroom from upgradedhome.

Those are some winter rustic bathroom decor ideas you can copy. Have fun remodeling your bathroom for winter coziness!

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