30 Winter Rustic Bathroom Decor Ideas to Copy

With snowstorm knocking at the door and windows, cozying up in your house is the only thing you can do. While that fireplace is not appealing anymore and you don’t have any books to entertain, you should think of another place.

If you think that the bathroom is the last thing that comes up in your mind during winter, think again. In fact, the place can be another cozy place with its warm water. To level up the coziness, do a winter rustic bathroom decor.

1. Bathroom with a Fireplace

When the winter comes, being at a bathhouse around spring water is a beautiful imagination. If there is no such place around the neighborhood, then you can create a similar place in your house. Turn your bathroom into a small bathhouse. Arrange andesite stones by the bathtub to create a fireplace. With the window facing the forest, you will feel like bathing in a water spring.

An easy way to add warmth to your winter bathroom décor is to add an interior fireplace that sits right in front of your tub. This concrete fireplace looks solid and is the perfect contrast to this bathroom design. Concrete Fireplace from @scandinavianhomes_inspo

Currently, stone materials can be used as fireplaces, thus giving a natural and rustic touch to this winter bathroom decoration. This fireplace accent brings extra coziness and warmth to the entire room. Stone Fireplace from @realestatekateatlanta

A classic fireplace placed beside the bath is a warming accent that you can use when the weather starts to turn cold in the room. This fireplace is complemented by several winter ornaments for an interesting decoration for you to try. Traditional Fireplace from @casaraquelita

2. Reclaimed Materials

Reclaimed woods all over the room are still able to warm you up. Woods are known for their capability of keeping the cold out. In fact, it does not absorb any temperature. To keep everything rustic, choose a rustic copper bathtub, chandelier, mirror, and lighting. The natural color combination of wood and rustic copper is all you need to warm up the vibe. That is your full winter rustic bathroom decor.

The exposed brick wall design combined with this Cooper bathtub is a beautiful design to produce an attractive home decoration for you to try. This white color scheme is able to produce a bright and stylish home decoration. Copper Bathtub and Faucet from @oakappledecor

You can try the reclaimed wood material applied to this sink cabinet to decorate a rustic bathroom in winter. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also enhance the appearance of this interior by using an oval-shaped cooper bathtub in the middle of the bathroom so that it can be used as a beautiful and useful focal point. Copper Bathtub and Reclaimed Cabinet from @sheffieldsemi1930s

This shiny copper standing tub is one of this year’s winter rustic bathroom decor statements. You can easily combine it with used wood in the bathroom of this house’s bedroom. Wooden Floor from @thebeardedbathroomspecialist

Wood and copper are an interesting combination of these two materials. This beautiful decoration is able to steal the eye and will produce a different design that is still rustic. Copper Bathtub from @edwardtaylor_fineandcountry

This Copper Bathtub Leg gives a glamorous and eye-catching appearance. Besides that, complementing the decor with this antique wooden chair will add a natural touch and a different design. Copper Bathrub Legs with Wooden Chair from @a.cotswold.lifestyle

This dough bowl-shaped copper sink will add aesthetics to your rustic bathroom decoration. Complete the decoration with a woven basket placed under the sink for a beautiful and stylish decoration. Copper Sink from @minehouseproject

Take a look at the cooper bathtub placed in this rustic bathroom decor, it looks shiny and looks classic, right? Now you can combine it with the use of reclaimed wood benches to give the bathroom a more natural feel and of course it is very environmentally friendly. Copper Mirror Frame from @nuproperty

A touch of copper in the sink combined with a round mirror frame can produce an attractive and natural bathroom decoration. The selection of this furniture will make the room decoration attractive and a different design. Sink Copper and Wood Mirror from @kendall.keith

Give a touch of copper to your rustic bathroom decor for a glamorous and charming look. Applying this on a flower vase can steal the eye and will make a stunning centerpieces idea. Copper Vases from @godinhas

In this rustic bathroom, you can complement it with copper accents in this bathtub for a luxurious and glamorous décor. The wooden touch of the storage ladder and mirror frame will add a natural touch to this bathroom decor. Copper Bathtub Rustic from @jaimenewmandesign

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3. Natural Wooden Colors All Over

Starting from the door to the cabinets are natural colors of woods. Combined with warm color lightings, this look will be a perfect retreat place from the cold winter. Choose wooden materials for the cabinet, mirror, walls, flooring, and shelf. Choose a matching color for the vanity. The warm and earthy colors will make you forget the cold wind outside.

This rustic bathroom design has a touch of reclaimed wood painted in a dark color which will be the center of attention. Combined with white sinks this will produce the perfect room contrast. Dark Wood Cabinet from @foxdendecor

The reclaimed wood on the walls and ceiling creates a cozy and warm room decoration when winter arrives. Combined with white furniture, this will balance the look of your bathroom. Reclaimed Wood Wall and Ceilling from @den_lille_hytta

This wooden mirror frame brings a natural touch and a homey feel to the entire bathroom. In addition to mirror frames, you can use this wood accent on countertops, cabinets and reclaimed wood walls for a warm and cozy bathroom décor. Wooden Mirror Frame from @johnghubler

The reclaimed wood accents used on the bathroom walls produce a beautiful and natural decoration. wood will also dampen the cold and be able to provide a natural and comfortable bathroom design. Reclaimed Wood from @curatedcosy

Not only on furniture, you can also apply wood accents to floors, walls, and ceilings. Wood accents combined with marble countertops are able to present a beautiful and stylish bathroom decoration. Wooden Wall and Cabinet from fishcampcustom

To prepare for winter, try transforming your rustic bathroom decor using wood elements. Applying reclaimed cards to the floors and benches can complete the bathroom decoration of this house. Wooden Floor from @outofseasonmagazine

You can try the brown nuances that you can apply to this rustic bathroom decoration by using natural wood materials that are applied evenly throughout the interior. The application of wood to this cabinet door produces a beautiful and stylish bathroom decoration. Wood Door Cabinet from @louisagraceinteriors

Welcoming winter by using wood accents as a rustic bathroom decoration is the right idea. You will easily get a warm impression on the room that appears from the wood you use. Wood Beam from @velux

The wood accents in this winter bath decor give the home decor a warm and natural feel to the whole room. Applying it to the wardrobe in a rustic style makes the home decoration beautiful and charming. Wood Cupboard from @docereinodemariaantonieta

The touch of wood beams on the ceiling of this rustic bathroom makes a beautiful decoration and has a natural touch to the decoration. In addition to wood, it completes the look with natural stone walls to balance the decoration of this winter bathroom. Wood Beam Ceilling from @dettagliodesign

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4. Cabin Bathroom

When first entering a cabin, what will you feel? Yes, you will feel that same sensation when entering this cabin-like bathroom. Wooden materials are used for the interior and walls. For a total cabin-like look, add some log texture on the wall. 

This cabin-style bathroom decoration is complemented by wooden accents that can dampen the cold when winter arrives. Having a dark color scheme is also able to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere when you are in this bathroom. Dark Cabin Bathroom from @hytteliv

If you want to bring a cabin feel to your rustic bathroom decor, you can use wooden beams on some of the walls in this room with natural colors or without paint to maintain a rustic impression that looks natural and environmentally friendly. Wood Cabin Bathroom from @tahoelittleblackcabins

The cabin bathroom is finished with natural wood accents to accentuate the rustic style throughout the room. Combined with this stone, it will give a harmonious look and an interesting design for you to apply to this year’s winter decorations. Natural Cabin Bathroom from @alicia.ann.carter

This bathroom cabin sink design has a touch of wood that will dampen the cold in this decoration. This simple design is able to change the appearance every year. Using this wood material will also give a natural impression and a different look. Sink Cabin Bathroom from @homebygard

This bathroom cabin is equipped with walls made of logs. It makes the perfect home decor and has a natural touch to the whole room. Combine with some other wood furniture to balance the look. Wood Logs Cabin Bathoom from @homebygard

The cabin bathroom is equipped with a shower room. Using this green shower curtain can create an interesting decoration and a different design. Having all-wood materials will make your home decor natural and seem natural. Cabin Shower Room from @tinysplashesofcolor

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Those are some winter rustic bathroom decor ideas you can copy. Have fun remodeling your bathroom for winter coziness!



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