24 Best Tricks to Cleverly Make Use of Small Spaces

When it comes to the small space decoration is little bit difficult. Small spaces sometimes make you desperate, whether they are overwhelming you about how to fit everything in, or you just don’t have any idea how to be more efficient in tight spaces. Worry not, these are smart tricks that are easy to follow by everyone.

Use Mirror

Placing mirrors strategically always does the trick to create the illusion of more space. The best way to put them is across a window where the light reflects naturally. You can also install a large mirror on the entryway to make space feel larger and as a unique focal point.

There are actually a lot of similarities between mirrors and pictures or works of art, especially when it comes to hanging them on the wall. Applying a mirror on one of the walls behind this sofa will make the room decoration wider and look more spacious. Pair it with some vintage framed paintings for a classic and stylish look. Classic mirror from apartmenttherapy.

A fun idea is to decorate a blank wall by adding a large antique framed mirror to the focal point of the room and will make the room look spacious. The white color scheme throughout this room will give it a spacious and bright look. Large antique framed mirror from apartmenttherapy.

The large mirror is also a lot of fun to use. A cool idea that we recommend is to feature a large mirror in the living room. Or, on the wall behind the sofa facing a large window so it can reflect the view and make the room seem bigger. Choosing this frameless mirror will make the room unique and will be the perfect focal point of the room. Frameless mirror from apartmenttherapy.

The mirror is actually as simple as possible but a frame. In other words, it is the real focal point of the whole décor. Apply a mirror to the backsplash and combine it with some pot hooks for the perfect kitchen decorating idea. This white color scheme will also produce a spacious and clean room. Mirror backsplash from apartmenttherapy.

Larger rectangular mirrors aren’t just for living rooms. Apply next to the bed, this is the right place for a stylish bedroom result and steals the attention of many people. With a black background this will result in a warm and inviting room decor. Combine with some classic furniture this will make the perfect look. Larger rectangular mirrors from apartmenttherapy.

Bright Color Walls or Floor

Don’t let the darker colors absorb the light of your house. Paint your wall with bright colors to make the room airy and spacious. As well as the floor, choose lighter colors for best to opt.

You can apply a neon pink wall to your living room wall scheme. Adding some blue framed wall decor makes this a perfect bedroom design that will steal the attention of many. Pairing it with this blue patterned sofa will make the room decor unique and complete the look of your home. Neon pink wall from housebeautiful.

The living room to the ceiling is equipped with a mint green color for a unique room result that will steal the attention of many people. Combined with the wooden beam ceiling will result in a perfect room decor and a natural touch to the entire room. Complete the decor with a patterned sofa for a unique and charming room. Mint green living room from housebeautiful.

This living room uses a mustard color scheme for a unique and timeless look. You can also combine it with a mustard sofa and some armchairs to complete the look of your home. On this wall you can add several collections of framed walls to make the room’s focal point unique and charming. Mustard wall and sofa from housebeautiful.

Pale blue walls give this living room a calming vibe when paired with a white ceiling to help break up the blue and make the room feel lighter and airier. You can also add a patterned sofa for a unique room result that will steal the attention of many people. This green acrylic coffee table will give an attractive room design. Pale blue walls from housebeautiful.

This living room will inspire you to create a bright look and make it airy and spacious. For a very bold statement, paint the walls with bright red and white accents for a stylish décor. Several sofas with matching color patterns also make the room attractive and steal the attention of many people. Do not forget to add a carpet with a bright color will make the room attractive. Red and white wall from housebeautiful.

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Glass Pieces

Not only beautiful, but glass pieces can also make small spaces brighter and spacious. A transparent flower case, a glass coffee table, or office chairs made of acrylics can be pretty yet functional additions to any space in your home.

This modern glass coffee table gives a unique look and looks more attractive for you to try in this small living room. This decor can be a beautiful yet functional addition to any space in your home. This gray color scheme and wooden floors give the room a warm and inviting feel. Modern glass coffee from decoist.


The glass accent on this coffee table offers a unique room decor and looks more modern. You can also combine it with a large window on one wall for a spacious and airy look. Complete the look with a green sofa and a large floor lamp for a cozy and inviting space. Glass coffee table from decoist.

This geometric shaped glass coffee table provides a unique space and gives the impression of a modern room. Using this table will look functional and will create a stylish look. With these iron legs will give a sturdy and durable look. Complete the look with a white sofa for a cozy and inviting space. Glass coffee table from decoist.

The geometric shaped glass coffee table in this room adds to the beautiful furnishings. Moreover, it is supported by several ornaments on this table for a stylish room result. Pair it with some leather sofas for a cozy and inviting space. Geometric shaped glass coffee table from decoist.

Create a classy and elegant office space with acrylic chairs for a charming room result. Complementing the look with this rattan table will also produce a stylish room decoration and will steal the attention of many people. With this feminine style, it will give a charming look with a touch of blush on the curtains and this painting creates a unique look. Acrylic chair from countryliving.

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Multifunctional Furniture

There is no better way to maximize the space than using furniture with multi-function features. It’s nice to invest in stylish pieces that serve at least double purposes, such as a coffee table with storage option, or a cozy sofa with an extra side table.

In this small living room you can add multifunctional furniture for a stylish room design that will steal the attention of many people. Placing a storage ottoman as a coffee table and sofa side table this is the perfect furniture choice for you to try. This gray sofa and some patterned pillows create a cozy and inviting look. Storage ottoman coffee table from realhomes.

The bar cart next to the sofa offers multifunctional furniture that will make it easier for you to store some ornaments and a collection of books neatly. Combine a green sofa and a few framed wall galleries to create a cozy space that will attract crowds. This white color scheme and wooden floor will make the room spacious and warm. Bar cart side sofa from realhomes.

This modern living room design is equipped with multifunctional furniture to create a higher room. You can add a small sofa side table that will make it easier for you to put some ornaments and green plants in the pot for a stylish room result. This sofa which is equipped with several colorful pillows will give a cheerful look. Small sofa with side table from idealhome.

You can apply this multifunctional furniture to your living room coffee table. Complementing it with storage at the bottom will make it easier for you to store various ornaments and books while in the living room and will provide a neat room. Choosing this glass dining table will also give a modern look to the entire room. Coffee table with storage underneath from idealhome.

This rattan sofa side table adds an interesting touch to the room and now you have a multifunctional piece of furniture. The side table is also equipped with a storage area so that it will be easier for you to store various ornaments and your book collection easily. Rattan side table from idealhome.

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Paint the Ceilings

Painting your ceilings with some eye-popping color will make the room seem taller and create a larger room illusion. If you want a more decorative way, add elegant and beautiful wallpaper on your ceiling.

This beautiful bathroom is equipped with a ceiling wallpaper with a floral motif for a unique and inviting room. The choice of the blue and white color scheme is inspired by vintage style combined with some beautiful antique ornaments. These beige curtains add privacy to this bathroom design. Blue and white floral wallpaper from digsdigs.

This bedroom is furnished with classic patterned wallpaper to create a unique and inviting look. Combined with the white walls and herringbone wood flooring it gives a warm and spacious look to the entire room. This bedding set with pillows and blankets makes the room feel a little more cozy and intimate. Ceilling classic patterned wallpaper from digsdigs.

The sky blue wall wallpaper makes the bedroom look trendy in this room. Using a white color scheme on this wall will create a clean and sleek look. Adding this modern chandelier will make your room more attractive and provide dramatic lighting throughout the room. Ceilling blue wall wallpaper from digsdigs.

A small bedroom equipped with a flower-patterned ceiling wallpaper will make the room decoration unique and steal the attention of your guests. Using this moody floral wallpaper will bring more print and more color to this bedroom. This white wall and wooden floor color scheme will make the room spacious and warm. Flower-patterned ceiling wallpaper from digsdigs.

The right lighting will also create a dramatic effect to make small spaces seem bright and spacious. If you don’t have a large window to let in the natural light, consider investing in floor and table lamps.


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