How to Choose the Best Living Room Sofa

It can be said that the sofa is the most important part of your living room. It is a must-have piece of furniture to keep you cozy while spending your time there. Anyway, in presenting the sofa to your living room, you should consider some things so that you can find the best one based on your needs. For example, if you have only such a small living room space, then it is recommended for you to have a multifunctional sofa. This kind of sofa gives you the possibility to store your stuff there so that you don’t need more storage. Or, this sofa can have another function that can help you minimize the need in having other furniture. There are still some considerations that you can have in choosing the right sofa for your living room as we mentioned below.

Choose a Shape

This U-shaped sofa is one of the most popular choices to try. Usually, this U-shaped sofa is used in a living room decoration with limited space. You can choose the shape of the sofa depending on how big the sofa you want and how you will direct it. The advantage of this sofa is that it has a wider and softer sitting area so that it makes you comfortable and of course, it can also be used as an area to lie down when needed. Don’t forget to add some throw pillows on this sofa as a heating accent that can be used anytime according to your needs. While the use of patterned rugs underneath adds to the texture of the room so it doesn’t look too plain.

U-shaped Sofa from hgtv

Find Your Style

The sofa is living room furniture that can be used as a room counter in terms of style. When you have a living room with a modern minimalist theme, the use of a sofa must also have the same characteristics. Currently, you can use a sofa with a neutral color such as white to make it easier for you when combining it with other furniture around it. Throw pillows with brown color is not a problem because they can blend perfectly when placed on the white sofa. The sofa which is equipped with an outdoor view adds to your comfort to linger on this sofa. The fireplace which is right in front of the sofa becomes a warm interior that can be used whenever you want.

Minimalist Sofa from hgtv

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Pick Color

Match the color of the sofa to your living room so that it blends in more perfectly. When the living room is dominated by black and white, the use of a two-tone blue sofa is the best choice that you can try right now. The blue colors that you can use are light blue and dark blue, both being a good combination and color choice. With two splashes of different colors on this one sofa, it gives a different and unique appearance to the room. Choose and use a sofa with comfortable and soft materials such as tufted linen which has low maintenance too, just use a vacuum cleaner to avoid small dirt that is visible to the eye.

Two Tone Color Sofa from hgtv

Sofa Layout

Do you want a warmer chat area with your family or guests who come to your house? If so, then you can use two sofas in the same living room decoration with a layout facing each other. Give a distance that is not too far from the coffee table that is right in front of him. Currently, you can use and choose a coffee table with transparent glass material to make it look wider. Two chairs and one patterned bench are additional seating areas that can be used when a large number of families come. Don’t forget to cover the legs of the table and sofa with a faux fur rug with a smoother and softer surface. In addition, this rug also makes the appearance of your living room look more elegant.

Two Sofas Facing Each Other from hgtv

Luxurious Sofa

The combination of a tufted sofa with a velvet sofa in this living room decor gives an instant luxurious appearance, plus the use of a glass coffee table equipped with shiny gold legs. Both of these sofas both have soft, warm, and soft surfaces so that they spoil your sitting area when you use them in this room. Choose a sofa with two different colors to add a more fun and colorful texture to the room. With the two sofas in this room, you will get a wider sitting area and accommodate more of the number of families you have. Blue walls and white ceiling make the room look brighter during the day.

Tufted and Velvet Sofa from hgtv

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Right Upholstery Material

If you want a more casual living room decor, then a sofa with velvet upholstery is the right choice that you can use. Upholstery for the sofa determines the comfort of your sitting area. The advantage that can be obtained from the use of this sofa is that it has a smoother surface and is easy to care for. In addition, the use of this sofa is also very suitable for those of you who have small children because its softness is better than other materials. Perform regular maintenance on this sofa to get a sitting area that is free from dust and small dirt. The entry of sunlight into the room makes the sofa not easily moldy and smelly, so it’s a good idea to put it near the living room glass window.

Velvet Sofa from hgtv

Framed Sofa

An easy way to help you when you get a durable and sturdy sofa is to choose and consider the use of a sofa frame made of wood. These ideas are additional tips that you can use when needed. Wood material has a smoother surface and also looks more natural so that it brings a natural feel into the room instantly. With the incoming sunlight, this sofa is not easy to mold. Cover the upper surface of the sofa frame with a seat cushion that has a bright color like blue so that it looks more colorful and doesn’t look too simple. You can get this sofa at a price that is not too expensive.

Wooden Frame Sofa from thespruce

Plain Sofa with Bold Color

If you have a plain chair design, it’s a good idea to combine it with a geometric rug that has a touch of a monochromatic theme. With the use of this black and white rug, the green sofa is also a blend of interiors that can blend without providing a color contrast that makes the room look tacky. Repaint the walls and ceiling with the color of the rug so that the sofa that is currently being used can be used as the focal point of the room. Choose and use a sofa with an L shape so that it can be applied in the corner of the room so that your floor area will function better. This sofa is suitable to be applied in a modern, minimalist or contemporary style living room decoration.

Plain Sofa with Geometric Rug from decoist

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Use Multifunctional Sofa

When deciding on a sofa as a sitting area in your living room decoration, consider one that has more than one function. For example, you can use a sofa design that is equipped with built-in storage underneath, making it easier for strategic adjustments to storage that can spoil your eyes and of course have a more different appearance. One of the advantages of using a sofa with storage is that it frees up more floor space so that it is wider and does not require a dresser or storage cupboard in this room. Use this built-in storage to put some of your favorite books so they can be found more quickly. Besides books, you can also put media speakers as music speakers when you like. This sofa has a size large enough so of course with ample storage area.

Built-in Storage from deavita

Patterned Classic Sofa

Another way to perfect your living room decor is to use the right interior and furniture. One way you can do this is to use a sofa with the right color, material, and pattern selection. When you have room decor with a French country theme, a floral patterned sofa with a choice of shabby chic colors is a smart idea that you can do. This sofa comes with an ottoman and a matching colored and patterned chair which can be an additional sitting area that is more harmonious and matched. A glass coffee table with iron legs is a combination of furniture that is suitable and does not look contrast, you can combine it in one room at the same time.

Floral Pattern Sofa from homedit


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