How the Seagrass Can Make Your Summer Home Feels Welcoming

The seagrass can be such great material for your home decoration. It comes from nature and has a farmhouse impression that could make your home feels welcoming. The application of the seagrass to your home can be in the form of furniture or home accessories. For the furniture, you can have the seating like a chair, table, or ottoman. Then, for the home accessories, you can have a seagrass rug, lampshade, or basket. Additionally, you can have ornaments like wall ornaments, table ornaments, and more. The following are the references of the seagrass products that you can apply to your home decoration.

Handmade Ottoman Bathroom

Do you need a dry area to put your towels or toiletries? If yes, then enter an ottoman with seagrass material which has a light material so that it can be moved anywhere as needed. Apply or just place this ottoman right next to the bathtub to make it easier for you to take whatever is on top of this ottoman. The use of this seagrass ottoman can bring a touch of summer instantly, besides the material used is also very natural so it is more environmentally friendly.

Natural Themed Foot Stool

So that your feet are more relaxed when in this living room, it is better to add a foot stool with a size large enough. You can put it right in front of the modern chair that is used. Both of these furniture will work well together to maintain your comfort while in the living room. So that this foot stool does not move easily when used to put your feet, then just coat the floor with a rug that has faux fur material. It’s a good idea to use a faux fur rug with a choice of white to match the color tone of your current room.

Summer Entryway Basket

Keep your entryway decor neat and organized. For now, you can try to use a basket with a size large enough as a very effective storage area because it can be moved anywhere according to your needs. This basket can be used to store some of the pillows you have. Get and buy this storage basket at the nearest furniture store at a price that is affordable enough for anyone who buys it. An array of greenery makes the perfect decoration for summer.

Seagrass Dining Chairs

One way to emphasize the summer theme in your dining room decor is to use furniture with the right materials. For now, you can try a dining chair with dried seagrass material so that it has a splash of brown color that looks natural. The brown color is also easier to combine with other interiors that are used around it. In addition to being environmentally friendly, this seagrass chair is also not easily porous when used for a long period of time. Just put sunlight into the room so that this chair is not damp and smelly.

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Seagrass Pendant Lamp Bedroom

To emphasize the summer theme in your bedroom decor, use an interior made of seagrass. For example, you can use a seagrass pendant lamp that can be applied to the corner of the room. This lamp can be used as room lighting and can also be the focal point of the room because it has different materials from the others. To add a touch of summer, you can also use two rattan wicker chairs without paint for a more natural look.

Seagrass Wall Decoration

Don’t let your wall decor look plain and boring, now you can hang a seagrass art that has a beautiful shape. You can make this wall art decoration easily and cheaply. First, collect a sufficient amount of seagrass and then assemble it using a rope and adhesive glue so that it can blend more perfectly. Hang this seagrass wall art on a previously installed nail, and use a wall drill so as not to damage the part of your wall that will interfere with the eye view.

Large Seagrass Table

If you need a place to put some candle holders, lanterns, and several types of greenery, then a seagrass table is the right furniture idea. This material is very natural and environmentally friendly, you can get it easily at the nearest craft store. Give a line pattern on the outer surface of this table as a different look that you can easily apply. With this, your room decoration will look neater and of course, will get a very comfortable area.

Seagrass Ottoman in the Living Room

Seagrass is a suitable material to be applied in a summer-themed room. Just apply this material to the use of an ottoman that can be used as extra seating in the living room. Because this ottoman has a small size, it is perfect for those of you who have limited space. Just put this ottoman right in front of a wooden chair with a striped pattern so that it can also be used as a footstool that will relax your feet. The chair spindle emphasizes a vintage touch that never goes out of style.

Seagrass Living Room Interior

There’s nothing wrong with incorporating seagrass furniture into the Scandinavian living room decor. The color of the seagrass ottoman with this rug has a natural color that has color harmony with the use of a wooden sofa and woven pots that are placed in the corner of the room. Seagrass furniture is also very suitable for providing an instant summer theme, try to display a different room. The sunlight that enters this room makes the furniture more durable and sturdy because it is not easily porous.

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Seagrass Rug Living Room

The circular shape of the use of this rug gives a unique look to the detailed design made of this seagrass material. This rug is very suitable to be applied in a room with a summer theme. It’s not enough that the use of this seagrass rug is also ready to enliven your room. The use of this rug will seem more environmentally friendly when you combine it with the use of rattan chairs and some wicker baskets made of rattan.

Seagrass Basket with Handle

In a nursery decoration, of course, a lot of additional storage is needed. For example, for storing towels or other baby equipment. Storage that you can try is a seagrass basket that is equipped with handles on the right and left so that it is easy to carry anywhere according to your needs. The materials used are also very natural and of course easy to find at the craft store near your home.

Basket Storage for Vanity Area

The best storage solution that you can use is a basket made of seagrass which has a more sturdy surface and is not easily porous. For now, you can put it in the vanity area to store some clean towels. Because this basket has a size that is not too big, you can place it on an open shelf in the vanity area of ​​the bathroom that is used. This storage basket makes the room around it neater, organized, and of course very effective.

Seagrass Wall Art Decoration

Welcome this summer by decorating the walls of the living room with the use of seagrass. Choose seagrass wall art with the shape of the sun as a symbol of summer has arrived. Use wall art that has a large size so that the walls of the room will not look empty and boring. You can combine it with dry leaves underneath, the selection of dry leaves is done so that the appearance of the room is more in line with the seagrass wall art. Both are ready to be used as decorations or different displays in this living room.

Seagrass Furniture Home Decor

If you are the type of person who likes a minimalist style for home decoration, using simple furniture made from seagrass is a smart summer decoration idea. Use several seagrass seating areas that surround a low seagrass table as well as a warm minimalist living room furniture choice. To create a slightly different tone, you can also add green plants in a pot on top of the seagrass ottoman. Don’t hesitate to place this seagrass chair irregularly, because this will give the impression of a different look and also not boring.

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Triple Seagrass Plate Wall Decor

Fill the empty space on the walls of the room by using wall decor. To match the summer theme this time, you can try using seagrass plate wall decor, you can have and install it at a distance that is not too far away and of course with the same color tone without re-polishing. Try installing two or three seagrass plate wall decor with different sizes to create an attractive appearance. This will be the center of attention of everyone who sees it. Just apply it right in the corner of the room along with rattan wicker chairs and indoor plants.

Repaint Seagrass Basket Planter

Change the look of the seagrass basket planter by repainting it a different color. Repainting a seagrass basket planter will make it look newer and fresher. Don’t paint all parts of the seagrass basket planter, you just need to paint the bottom of the seagrass basket planter so you don’t lose its original identity. Use paint with a color that is not so flashy so that the appearance of the room does not look too contrasty, light pink is the right choice of paint to try right now.

Natural Seagrass Throw Pillows

There’s nothing wrong with using a seagrass throw pillow in your summer tropical living room decoration. So that the vibe of this summer can be obtained more firmly, then you can combine it with a rattan sofa which is perfected with a seat cushion so that it is softer when used to relax. No need to repaint rattan furniture for a more natural and environmentally friendly look. Seagrass material can also be applied to the use of wall decorations to fill an empty room so it doesn’t look too plain and boring.

Seagrass Basket Storage

Arrange all the throw pillows you have to keep them tidy when not in use. Some baskets made of seagrass are suitable containers or storage areas because they are easy to move to any area according to your wishes. When this storage is in a house with a summer theme, eating baskets with seagrass material is a great idea that you can try. Use two to three baskets that are equipped with handles made of the same material. These baskets are very cheap and environmentally friendly.

Seagrass Entryway Planter

Creativity combined in this woven seagrass planter pot features a beautiful neutral color palette with a striped pattern at the bottom. This pattern can be made easily, by painting it using plain white paint. Choose and use a planter pot with a size large enough so that it can be used as one of the room decorations that looks bold and is suitable as a focal point. Place this planter seagrass in the entryway decor, or rather next to a wooden bench so it doesn’t take up too much of the floor area.

Seagrass Stairs Lantern

The staircase area which is dominated by white shades is one of the hallmarks of summer room decoration. Just complete the look with three seagrass lanterns that are hung in the ceiling area with tiered heights. Besides being able to function as room lighting, this lantern is also a different decoration because it has different materials from other interiors around it. Lanterns that are hung in stages will illuminate your stairwell to the maximum when the atmosphere in the room is getting dark.