How to Apply Beach Decor for Your Summer Home

Between the summer and the beach is like something that can’t be separated. Those two are closely related where when the summer comes what comes to mind for the first time must be the beach during the summer holiday. Well, it is great to spend your time at the beach. But, what if you bring the beach to your home so that you can enjoy the atmosphere just anytime during summer? Well, since bringing the beach decoration to your summer home is the best idea, then let’s start to talk about it. In providing the beach decor to your home, you can do it by including the beach stuff there. It could be by having the beach ornament like the sea shell, sand, and more. Or, you can have it by providing the furniture, interior part, or home accessories that have the beach theme. For example, you can have a shell bowl for your sink. Imagine how beautiful that will be. Not to make you wait, let’s go down for the complete ideas!

Paddle Wall Decoration

The living room is one of the rooms that are often visited by guests or your family who come to the house. Therefore you can decorate it as much as possible with any style or theme according to your wishes. When you want to apply a beach theme, paddles that are made as wall decorations are the right idea or choice. You can choose and apply two paddles to the wall of the same size and color. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also combine the nuances of a white room with blue so that it will never fail and can be united in the same room with more perfect results.

Natural Surfing Board Decoration

Take advantage of the existing living room space as an area to put an ornament or beach decoration with a size large enough. For example, you can use the side area of the sofa to put a surfboard made of wood without any paint. Because this surfboard has a large size, it can be used as a decoration that emphasizes the beach theme in this modern mid-century-style living room decoration. Complete its existence with a frame painting that can be hung right next to it. No need to worry about this wooden surfboard being easily porous and damp, because this room is equipped with exposure to sunlight that enters through the glass window.

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Bold Color Wall Decor with Beach Ornament

If you want to bring a summer theme in your entryway decor with a touch of the beach at the same time, then you can use white and blue tones. Both of these colors can be applied to the use of the surrounding interior. Decorate the wall that is painted with white using a crab ornament that is hung with a fairly large size. You can choose and use this ornament with the right and bold color selection, red is one of the best color choices that you can try so that it can be used as the focal point of the room. Just apply this ornament right above the door so it can be seen by your guests or family when entering the room of this house.

Coral Table Lamp

Besides being able to be used as room lighting, this coral table lamp can also be used as a room decoration that can instantly emphasize the beach theme. Just put this coral lamp on the console table in your living room. Turn on the lights when the atmosphere in the room starts to get dark so it is very multifunctional. Repaint the coral before installing it to make it look more modern and not look shabby. Usually this lamp can be used in a farmhouse or cottage style living room, you can try it to get a new room look.

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Add a Beach Pattern in the Living Room

If you have a white sofa, try adding a patterned throw pillow. This is done so that it doesn’t look too plain and boring. Choose and use a throw pillow that has a starfish pattern with a mix of black and white that looks modern. In addition to making the surface of the sofa more comfortable and soft, the existence of this throw pillow also emphasizes the beach theme according to the decoration you want. The addition of green plants beside the sofa becomes a natural decoration that refreshes the room and is easy to maintain daily.

Beach Wall Decoration

Don’t let the walls of your house look plain and boring. Now you can decorate it with some pre-made coral garland on the weekend. What is needed here are ropes, coral ornaments and starfish ornaments which have a neutral white color. But when you don’t have enough time to make it, just buy it online to make it more practical. This beach garland can be applied to the entire wall in a very neat arrangement. Just make this wall decoration with the maximum for satisfying results.

Beach Touch Ornament

An easy way to bring a touch of the beach in the entryway decoration with limited space is to hang one of the beach ornaments that you have. For now, you can hang a float along with the feel of the room which is dominated by blue and white. These two colors are also perfect for a beach theme that will never fail. A float that is hung on one of the built-in hooks doesn’t take up much space, so it’s perfect for those of you who have a house with limited space. Get a float at an inexpensive price.

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Unique Coral Frame Mirror

There’s nothing wrong when you make a remodel in a modern beach bathroom decor to produce a unique and interesting interior. The first thing you can do is replace the old mirror with a mirror that has a coral frame. The selection of coral frames with white color is very appropriate because it can blend with other interiors that are around it. In addition, the existence of this unique frame is also enhanced by the presence of a botanical print frame which is dominated by a combination of gold and white colors. Apply them both on the wall with a distance that is not too far away so that it can be used as the focal point of the room.

Coastal Beach Wallpaper Bathroom

Look at the design of the wallpaper used in this small coastal beach themed bathroom, doesn’t it look very eye-catching? Yes, you can choose a fish pattern that is dominated by shades of white and blue. The bright yellow flower arrangement placed on the countertop is a beautiful decoration that you can pick from your backyard garden and transfer it to a deep blue glass vase. The feel of a coastal beach can be emphasized by using a hanging rope frame mirror that has a fairly large size. You can use this bathroom decoration to the fullest to make the perfect room remodel.

Shell Shaped Sink Ideas

Don’t just pay attention to the feel of the room to bring a touch of summer beach in your bathroom decor. For now you can try other ideas that are more unique and different. For example, you can replace the old white sink with a unique sink that has a shell shape with a fairly large size. After using this shell sink, you can continue with an orchid flower arrangement that is applied to a vintage ceramic vase that has an intricate pattern. Repaint the shiplap wall with a light blue color for a brighter room appearance and of course make the area around it cleaner and more modern. The round mirror is the main interior that must be in this sink area to check your appearance before leaving the bathroom.


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