How to Make Your Home Decoration Looks ‘Go Green’

In this modern life, presenting a ‘go green’ decoration is such a good idea. You can get a fresh ambiance inside your home around the crowded city life. Also, with the ‘go green’ stuff that you have in your house, you can feel the calming and welcoming impression which is great! In presenting the ‘go green’ home decoration, you can do it by simply putting the greenery inside your house. Or, you can also provide some products that come from nature such as rattan, wood, sisal, jute, etc. It is great to have the jute rug, rattan basket, wooden frame, and more. If you want to be more authentic, you can choose sisal, rattan, or any other possible materials to be used as your greenery planter. We have gathered some examples of ‘go green’ home decorations that you can copy.

Botanical Style Home Decor

To create a go green atmosphere in one of your rooms, a botanical touch is the right decoration that you can try. This botanical decoration can be done easily and cheaply. Consider incorporating several types of green plants into the room, it’s not enough here you can also decorate the walls with canvas paintings that have green plant patterns too. Get green plants in the garden area using pots without having to buy them. Just hang this painting vertically for a neater and more organized look. Portable wooden tables, wicker rattan benches and pots made from natural materials are an interior combination that can work well together. Botanical Vibes Home Decor from arteexprints

Natural Rattan Bedroom Design

The easiest way you can do to bring the feel of going green in your bedroom decor is to use furniture made of natural rattan. Rattan furniture that you can use is a bed, bench, nightstand and frame mirror that has a sweet round shape. Here you no longer need to repaint for a look that remains natural and of course able to give an eco-friendly vibe. Green plants with rattan wicker pots are also an additional decoration that can be easily obtained in the backyard garden. The rattan headboard design used also has a unique shape and is ready to be used as the focal point of a beautiful and very multifunctional room. Natural Rattan Bedroom Decor from

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Indoor Plants Decoration

To decorate the part of the living room that is still plain, then you can use several types of green plants that can be applied to several pots of various different sizes. Just adjust the size of the pot to the volume of the plant that will be used. The use of this green plant indoor decoration indirectly brings the go green theme instantly. You can put it right next to a white sofa with a neat and orderly arrangement. The pots used can also be of different colors, ranging from white, orange and light gray. Monstera plant with a size large enough to be the focal point of a refreshing room. Different Indoor Plants Decor from lxhomedecor

Go Green Scandinavian Decor

This balcony decoration that is used as a relaxing area can be used together with your partner while enjoying the outdoor view during the summer. So that this outdoor furniture can blend with nature more perfectly, just use them with natural materials such as a rattan swing that will work together with a wicker straw ottoman, jute rug and a small table made of thick wood. No need to do painting or re-polishing, just let them look natural. This transparent glass fence allows you or your partner to still enjoy the outdoor view even if you are sitting in the ottoman area. The wooden floor is a natural finishing touch and makes the balcony decoration feel warmer. Go Green Scandinavian Relaxing Area from namaku.homedecore

Cottage Home Decor with Natural Interior

The theme of a house with a cottage style usually comes with an interior that is dominated by natural materials. Just consider using wood in several different interiors, for example on the ceiling, dining table, floor, dining chair and a small table in the corner of the room. Indirectly, this room presents an instant go green vibe. Just end this room decoration with the use of woven baskets which are used as indoor plant pots that become fresh room decorations and can be obtained from the backyard garden. Lanterns with rattan material are also a lighting idea as well as can be used as decorative items that are suitable when applied in this go green room. Cottage Home Decor with Natural Interior from moj_boho_dom_

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Natural Material Interior Dining Room

The go green theme in the dining room area can be obtained easily. One way that you can do is to use furniture with natural materials such as a dining table and dining chair set that has been repainted using a neutral white color. In addition to this dining table set, you can also decorate the empty wall with several rattan plates that can be hung in a neat and orderly arrangement. A little greenery that is placed in this room also brings the feel of nature into the room instantly. A rattan lampshade that is hung right above the dining table is a natural interior addition that can be easily obtained at the nearest handicraft store at a low price. DIY Wooden Furniture Design from cozagraty

Go Green and Tropical Relaxing Chair

The go green theme with tropical vibes can blend perfectly when applied in the same room. Start by including several types of greenery of varying sizes. Next, complete it with some go green interiors such as rattan chairs, jute rugs, wicker pots and wicker lampshades that are perfected by vines. Just cover the rattan chair with a seat cushion so that it has a softer surface. All this makes the atmosphere in the room more environmentally friendly. Natural vibes will never fail to give the room a comfortable, calm and peaceful feel. Combination Go Green with Tropical Style from revivesocialhouse

Go Green Living Room Decor Ideas

Enter a larger number of vines into the go green living room decoration in one of the rooms of your house. Just put and apply these vines to different parts of the area at random but still look neat and organized. Here you can do regular maintenance so that the plants that are placed in the room can still grow properly and optimally. Just cut and do pruning on these vines when they start to get too long and interfere with this activity or activity while in this living room. Three rattan chairs are a suitable furniture idea for this go green style, repaint it for a more modern look. Go Green Living Room Decoration from kellybicklemd

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Emerald Green Paint Wall Decoration

Do a new look in one of your home decor in the most practical and easy way. For example, you can decorate the dining room with vibes go green which is perfected with indoor green plants and repainting the walls of this room. Emerald green is the right color that you can choose, this color can blend with indoor green plants more perfectly. Furthermore, to emphasize the go green theme, you can add a rattan lampshade and a wooden dining table that has a fairly dark color. Furthermore, this blooming flower arrangement becomes an additional natural decoration that can be inserted into a transparent glass vase that has been filled with clean water. Emerald Green Paint Dining Room from

Tropical Plants Decoration

Look at some of the palm trees that are applied to this terracotta pot, doesn’t it make the balcony decoration feel more tropical and refreshing? Yes, not only palm trees, you can also enter several other types of plants with a size large enough so that they can surround the area of ​​the rattan wicker chair that is used to relax. The outdoor plants and outdoor furniture that are used both have a go green vibe, making them suitable for presenting go green vibes that are perfected with a tropical touch. That way this balcony area will feel shady even when used during the day or evening. You can try this go green decoration easily, no need to buy more plants, just use plants that are in your garden area. Tropical Balcony Vibes from elledecoration_ua

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