Creating Pretty Blooms in a Pumpkin Vase

Having the pretty blooms in your home during fall will be great. Then, having the pumpkin to create the fall atmosphere is also a good idea. So, why don’t we combine those two things together by creating the pumpkin vase with some pretty blooms inside? The making of the pumpkin vase will be really easy. Even, when the orange pumpkin color is too common for you, you can paint it in a different color that could be adjusted based on your home decoration style. Then, the next step is that you just have to provide the flowers. We do recommend you add some fall touches there by adding the maple leaves, pinecones, wheat, etc. The following pumpkin vase designs are prepared for you. Please check them out and provide yours.

DIY Floor Pumpkin Vase Design

The entryway decoration, complemented by the pumpkin vase floor, emphasizes the fall theme which is very charming and creative. Just choose and use a pumpkin of a large size so that it can be used as the focal point of a room that never fails. This DIY pumpkin vase is perfected with various types of flowers that bloom beautifully, besides that the presence of these flowers also brings beautiful colors that will make the entryway decorations livelier and ready to welcome your guests with joy. Not only flower arrangements, but you can also line the floor with a herringbone rug for an elegant look, indoor green plants placed in the corner of the room are an additional natural decoration that can be easily obtained. Floor Pumpkin Vase Design from @little_edwardian_semi

Simple Look Orange Pumpkin Vase

The creativity of a pumpkin that is turned into an autumn vase is a new decoration that you can do and you can do yourself easily and cheaply. The equipment needed at this time is scissors and a knife, you can cut the top of the pumpkin until it has a hole that can be used as an area to insert flower arrangements and green plants together. Do pruning using scissors when the stems of your flowers are too long. Everything can be adjusted to the size of the pumpkin vase that is used. When you are going to put it in a room, you can complete it with a white mini pumpkin so that it can look contrast and ready to be made as a different sight for your guests or family who come to your house. Orange Pumpkin Vase from @dottyblooms

Pumpkin Vase On Budget

If you don’t have a lot of money to decorate your fall home with then consider using pumpkins as a vase idea which is super easy to do. Just choose and use a medium-sized pumpkin that has the original orange color so it can look bolder when placed in all rooms of your house. Next, fill this part of the pumpkin vase with a flower arrangement that blooms beautifully, use more than one type of flower to make it look more diverse. No need to buy these flowers, you can get them in your backyard garden. Some of these flowers come in a combination of yellow, pink and red, they will work well together to liven up a plain white home. Pumpkin Vase On Budget from

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Traditional Orange Pumpkin Vase

Faux fireplace is one area that is very appropriate for you to display the design of the pumpkin vase that you make yourself on weekends. Its simple appearance is complemented by a variety of different types of flowers and some dried plants so that it looks more traditional. Just put this pumpkin vase on top of a wooden box so that it looks taller and ready to be combined with other decorative items that are placed around it in a neater and orderly arrangement. In the wood part of the coat you can add a personal vibe by placing some photo frames for your family and children with a simple or classic look. Traditional Orange Pumpkin Vase from @violetandflo

White Painted Pumpkin Vase Ideas

Turn your white pumpkins into more eye-catching decorations when autumn comes. For example, you can turn it into a flower vase and can be placed in any room easily. Now you can put it on a tufted ottoman in the farmhouse living room with a simple neutral color dominant. In order for this vase to stand perfectly, you can use an iron tray for a flatter surface and of course it is easier to move it to another place when needed. Not only a pumpkin vase, but you can redecorate it with the addition of a mini pumpkin that has a matching color. Roses are the best choice that can bloom indoors longer. White Painted Pumpkin Vase Ideas from @no.42ourhappyhome

Fall Vibes Countertop Kitchen Island

This type of blooming flower has a variety of different colors that you can apply in the same vase. Because this flower comes in autumn, you can apply it into a medium-sized pumpkin vase that has a hole in the top. Just place this pumpkin flower vase on the kitchen island countertop as a decoration that matches the fall theme this year. You can replace flowers with other types when needed, roses or daisies being one part that is very easy to find in a backyard garden. The mini pumpkin above the storage cabinet is a very important and appropriate decoration addition, you can try it now. Fall Vibes Countertop Kitchen Island from @ourlittlehome2017

Pumpkin Vase Floral Displays

No need to worry when you have a side table made of simple wood. Because now you can decorate it with a bright orange pumpkin vase that can be easily combined with other interiors around it. In this pumpkin vase, it has been filled with clean water so that the flower arrangements that are installed can last for a long period of time. A wicker basket filled with pinecone can be placed right next to this pumpkin vase as an addition to natural decorations that have a low price. Get a pumpkin of medium size so you can move it to any room when needed. The placement of a pumpkin vase in the living room decoration is also very appropriate because it can be seen by anyone who visits your home. Pumpkin Vase Floral Displays from @charliescottageludlow

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Modern Fall Tray Design

If you have a tray in the kitchen with a modern look then you can reuse it as a fall decoration by adding a pumpkin vase on top. Just use a medium-sized pumpkin to make a beautiful and unique fall vase. You can put it on the kitchen table countertop so that it can be seen by anyone who enters your kitchen. Get flowers blooming in the backyard garden with a variety of different types and colors to make it look festive. Glass with glossy black iron is a blend of tray materials that never goes out of style. Modern Fall Tray Design with Pumpkin Vase from

Pumpkin Vases for Windowsill Decor

Consider decorating your windowsill section according to the fall theme this year. Think about turning the pumpkin into an indoor flower vase that can be placed on a windowsill so that it can be seen from outside or from inside the room. One type of flower that you can apply in this pumpkin vase is a rose with a choice of bold colors such as red. Because the size of this vase is quite large, it is ready to be used as the focal point of the room. The white nuance that dominates the room will look more alive and colorful. Pumpkin Vases for Windowsill Decor from @ourfirstdevonhome

Pumpkin Vase for Entryway Decoration

To emphasize the autumn theme in your home decor, try changing the function of the pumpkin as a decorative item in your home. Currently, you can use the type of orange pumpkin with a medium size. Next, turn this pumpkin into a flower vase that you can place on the wooden console table that has been provided in the entryway decoration. The maple leaf garland that frames this large enough-sized mirror frame is a room decoration addition that will never fail, you can try to make these two decorative items yourself according to your expertise. Fall Vibes Entryway with Pumpkin Vase from @home.fleet.home

Blue Flowers Stand Out Against White

Pumpkin is one of the important decorative items that must be present when decorating an autumn-themed house. Currently, you can choose a pumpkin to be used as a vase design, by choosing a white pumpkin color, the flower arrangement used can look bolder and clearer. Just enter a flower arrangement blooming in bright blue to make the room feel more alive. Place it on the coffee table along with the blue ceramic apple ornament so that the living room can look more colorful and alive. This DIY pumpkin vase is suitable for any style of the room, whether modern, farmhouse, or contemporary. White Pumpkin Vase with Blue Flowers from @mar__lenna

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Fall Vibes Centerpiece Ideas

Do you need a centerpiece decoration in autumn? Pumpkin vases combined with flower arrangements are a smart choice that you can use. Before this pumpkin vase is placed on the dining table, you can line the table with a table runner made of plain white cotton fabric. In this way, the appearance of the autumn centerpiece will be more elegant and ready to be a decoration and a different eye view. The gallery wall with a splash of black and white displays monochromatic decorations in the farmhouse dining room decor, all decorative items, and decorations in this room will blend perfectly without any tacky color contrasts. Fall Vibes Centerpiece with Pumpkin Vase from @two_girls_one_home

Homemade Painted Pumpkin Vase

Decorate your home in autumn with unique pumpkin decorations. Repaint some of the pumpkins that you made as decorations with white paint, choose the pumpkin that has the largest size to be used as a flower vase. You just need to make a hole in the top of the pumpkin and remove the contents inside and then replace it with a few flower stalks that are blooming. You can place this decoration on the table along with a candle nearby, that way you will get a different autumn decoration look from the others. Homemade Painted Pumpkin Vase from @lifeatthelavenham

DIY Fall Blooms with Pumpkin Vase

If you want to get the look of a room that is colorful and bright, try using a pumpkin to convert it as a flower vase. Choose flowers with bright colors to make the room look more cheerful, coat this pumpkin vase with transparent paint so that it will produce a more glossy and clean finish. In addition, you can also combine it with some mini pumpkins and maple leaves that can be placed around it in an orderly arrangement. Its presence in the kitchen is ready to accompany your cooking activities. DIY Fall Blooms with Pumpkin Vase from @urbanstems

Farmhouse Vibes Fall Pumpkin Vase

There is nothing wrong with putting a pumpkin vase in a room decoration that is dominated by a farmhouse theme. But it’s a good idea to repaint the outer surface of the vase with white paint evenly. This is done so that the presence of this autumn vase can blend with the feel of your home room which is dominated by white as well. Furthermore, to add color to this room, you can use a flower arrangement that comes in a variety of different colors, ranging from white, purple, and yellow. All the colors of this flower arrangement are perfected with a mini pumpkin ornament that can be placed right next to it. Use only faux flowers to minimize the daily maintenance that must be done. Farmhouse Vibes Fall Pumpkin Vase from @ewela5

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