How to Decorate Your Centerpiece with Winter Touches

Applying the centerpiece decoration to your dining table or coffee table is quite important. Having the seasonal decoration for the centerpiece will be worth it because the table is one of the pieces of furniture that will face every day. When you have the touch of the seasonal centerpiece decoration, then you can feel the spirit of the season there. For this winter, you can arrange the centerpiece decoration by using some materials. Here, the things that you can apply are some winter leaves, pinecones, winter decorative candles, berries, Christmas balls, and more. In this case, you can use the stuff related to Christmas so that you can have an effective one. It is always great to have the Christmas touches during winter because the atmosphere will be peaceful and magical. Please check the following ideas.

Winter Box Centerpiece Design

To make it more practical and easier, you can apply a winter box that has been filled with a variety of appropriate winter ornaments. Here you can fill it with several types of greenery, candle holders, snow pinecones and berries that have been sprinkled with snow accents so that they have a plain white color. Green plants that you can use are spruce leaves that are still fresh and green so they don’t rot or wither when used for a long period of time. The selection of the winter box also needs to be considered, for a more modern and slightly luxurious look, you can choose and use a box with white marble material as well so that it emphasizes the winter theme on the dining table more optimally. Winter Box Centerpiece Design from @studiobluedesignsco

Snow Pinecones and Cinnamon Candle Holder

Cinnamon sticks and pinecones become a centerpiece decoration display that is suitable for a touch of winter on the dining table that is used. You can cut the cinnamon stick according to the height of the candle that is used so that it can be wrapped using a piece of hemp rope to serve as a centerpiece decoration that will never fail. Besides being used as a winter centerpiece decoration, cinnamon candle holders can also be used as additional room lighting that gives a romantic and dramatic impression. Surrounded by a few red berries, this centerpiece gives off a warm and rustic vibe. The table runner burlap layer adds an elegant impression. Snow Pinecones and Cinnamon Candle Holder from @rubabgetsreal

Winter Themed Galvanized Tray Display

Do you have an unused galvanized tray in your kitchen? If you have it, you can reuse it as a way to fill the empty centerpiece of the dining table. Just fill this part of the galvanized tray with two mini villages and a medium-sized Christmas tree greenery. Because this winter galvanized tray display is equipped with handles on both sides, you can move it easily to any room according to the decoration you need. Don’t forget to coat the DIY wooden dining table with a table runner made of cotton with a combination of white and black. You can design this tray according to the decoration you want. Winter Themed Galvanized Tray Display from @farmndunn

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Simple Look Winter Centerpiece On a Budget

To fill the white dining table that is still empty and looks plain, you can decorate it with a slice wood tray that can be filled with some important ornaments in winter. It’s a good idea to fill this tray with several candle holders that can be used as additional lighting that can give a warm feel to the room. An evergreen that is perfected with white mini Christmas balls gives a luxurious impression that is not excessive. Tray with natural materials is able to bring the feel of nature into the room instantly, you can create it easily and of course very environmentally friendly. Winter Slice Wood Centerpiece Design from @tammy.ferns

Natural Look Winter Centerpiece

The easiest way you can do to fill the empty dining table is to bring a natural touch that is easy to do yourself without the need for a professional. The greenery that dominates the decoration of this centerpiece can be combined directly with two shabby chic lanterns that have different heights. No need to worry that your conversation will be disturbed because of these DIY candle holders because they come with a medium size and are not too high so that the conversations are still friendly and warm. Finish the centerpiece decoration on this dining table with a DIY string light so that it displays a more magical decoration and of course gives a dramatic impression. You can try dim lights for dinner. Greenery and Candle Holder Centerpiece from @to_mimishousewego

Pinecones Themed Winter Centerpiece

Pinecones are one of the important decorations that are often used to decorate your home during winter. For now, you can apply it to the dining table with a neat arrangement, it’s not enough to stop here, you can also use it with a variety of different sizes so that it is more varied. Just make these pinecones ornaments as centerpiece decorations that you can complete with several other ornaments such as DIY snowflakes, mini deer, and a few touches of pine leaves on a small vase according to the size of the fir leaf arrangement. All the ornaments used are able to give a new look that can make the dining table look different and more fun. Pinecones Themed Winter Centerpiece from @vickymami8482

Neutral Touch Color Winter Centerpiece

Before you decorate the centerpiece, it’s a good idea to coat the top surface with a faux fur fabric that has a touch of white so that it can bring a winter theme instantly. After being installed as a table runner, continue decorating the centerpiece according to what you think. For example, you can put snow pinecones and a large ceramic vase that can be filled with a series of green plants with a very fresh and green appearance. All the centerpiece ornaments you need are very easy to find around your home without having to buy them at a fairly expensive price. Furthermore, to emphasize the winter theme in this room, you can hang some DIY snowflake ornaments to be applied to the empty wall. Neutral Touch Color Winter Centerpiece from @beyond_gray

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Festive and Fun Look Winter Centerpiece

Do not just one type of ornament that you can make as a centerpiece decoration. The more ornaments that are used, the appearance will also look more attractive and festive. Here you can combine snowflake ornaments, fir leaves, pinecones, deer, and some Christmas trees that have been repainted in white so that it looks very neutral and clean. Arrange all these ornaments in a neat and orderly arrangement so that they can work well together in your winter dining room decoration, finish this centerpiece decoration with several candle holders that have various sizes and different looks. Furthermore, the plaid table runner layer with a touch of neutral color gives an elegant impression and you can install it before applying the centerpiece decoration on your dining table. Festive Look Winter Centerpiece from @dining_delight

Winter Rustic Centerpiece Design

Winter and rustic themes can blend perfectly in a room of your house. Now you can try to apply it to the dining room through the right centerpiece decoration. The first step you can do is consider the materials or ornaments that will be used. The combination of a small snowflake ornament, a mini bottle brush Christmas tree and a shabby chic candle holder can be combined more perfectly. Arrange everything lengthwise in the dining table area so that it will fill the empty table. This centerpiece idea gives a different look that can give a unique, fun impression and can be tried by anyone who needs it. This rustic centerpiece idea or theme doesn’t require a lot of expense, so it’s suitable for those of you who want to decorate a room on a budget. Winter Rustic Centerpiece Design from @kellyscozystyle

Glam Silver Themed Centerpiece Ideas

You can try a glamorous look on your winter dining table so that it has a new look that is not monotonous. What you need to prepare here is a silver Christmas tree with a glitter surface, Christmas balls with a silver color selection as well and some candle holders made of transparent glass. All of this will work well together and of course, you can complete it with a plain white table runner made of cotton. In addition, this silver centerpiece decoration will look more beautiful and glamorous when exposed to the reflection of the lights around it. Therefore, you can use proper lighting that suits the decoration needs of this room. Silver Themed Centerpiece Ideas from @dining_delight

Winter Centerpiece with Patterned Table Runner

It doesn’t take too much to decorate the winter table setting in your dining room area. What you need to do now is to coat the plain part of the table using a patterned table runner with the right material of choice. Cotton is a smart choice because it can be washed again easily when the surface looks dirty. The next decoration you can do is to design the centerpiece with greenery, candle holders and a medium-sized pinecones. Everything can be arranged neatly and optimally. You can place a candle holder symmetrically on this dining table to be used as an additional lighting idea as well as an accent to instantly warm the room. Winter Centerpiece with Patterned Table Runner from @jessica_boydston

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Farmhouse Style Winter Centerpiece

When your dining table is covered with a checked tablecloth, it’s a good idea to combine it with the appropriate centerpiece design. Usually, a checkered pattern with a combination of black and white is used in a farmhouse-style room. There’s nothing wrong with combining a winter theme with a farmhouse theme in the same room or area, centerpiece decoration is the right choice of area to try right now. Birch candle holder combined with greenery and pinecones snow into a combination that will never fail, just makes it a centerpiece design that can be changed whenever you want according to the desired design. Farmhouse Style Winter Centerpiece from @blessedandcreativelyobsessed

Winter Cloche Themed Centerpiece

This is your chance to take advantage of the old cloche to be used as a winter centerpiece decoration that you can design yourself according to what you expect. The most appropriate idea that you can try is to fill this part of the cloche with a gold deer that looks shiny and luxurious. Not only deer ornaments, but a sprinkling of snow is also a combination that will never fail. Finish this dining table centerpiece decoration with several Christmas balls that come in a variety of different colors so that the dining table looks more lively and colorful. This deer winter cloche is suitable to be applied on a table with any material, style, and theme, now you can apply it to a simple-looking DIY wooden table. Winter Cloche Themed Centerpiece from @eldecogr

Snowy Winter Centerpiece

Snowy winter centerpieces will look too plain when you don’t add other ornaments that have bold colors like shiny red. This bold color can be presented with the use of Christmas balls that have the same size. Just apply these red balls on a tray so they don’t fall easily when this table is used to eat with your family. Snowy pinecones are a combination of decorations that will never fail and you must try them now. When you need a glass vase to apply a series of pine leaves, it’s a good idea to choose a vase that has a beautiful deer pattern. Today’s winter centerpiece decorations are very simple and you can do it yourself at a low cost. Snowy Winter Centerpiece with Red Christmas Ball from @eldecogr

Industrial Style Winter Tray Centerpiece

This simple birch-wrapped candle holder has an elegant look and is reminiscent of a snowy walk in the forest. Although real birch has a softer surface, it’s a good idea to fake its appearance with felt paper so that it has a texture like the real thing. Add other decorations such as pinecones and snow spruce leaves to be placed together with the candle holder that is currently used. All of these ornaments or decorations can be applied to an industrial-style tray that has a combination of wood and solid black iron. The two tray materials used both have a more sturdy surface so they are not easily porous or damaged when used for a long period of time. Industrial Style Winter Tray Centerpiece from @venetianprincess


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