8 Dreamy One-Storey Home Designs That Anybody Will Love

There are a lot of things to consider before building a house. Some people love to have one-storey home due to safety, while others like to have two or more storey home due to the area. If you are that lucky to have big land, having one-storey home may look interesting. Check out these designs for inspiring you;

8 Simple Ways To Add Brightness For Your Dark Room That You Must Try

You may see one of your rooms looked darker than other. It usually happens because of limited lighting. Not every home is full of natural light. Dark room may decrease your mood. Even, it will affect your home decor. So, you need to add brightness instantly to improve your room decoration. Try this easy ways;

10 Small Kitchen Hacks That You Need To Copy Right Now

When you have no longer space for cabinet to be installed at your kitchen, you need more hacks. Creating DIY storage or just eliminating bulky hardware will make the kitchen looks larger. However, you still have the chance to add simple rug, flowers, or simple wallpaper. See these following hacks for small kitchen as follow;

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