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Provide Winter Decoration to Your Mantel with These 40 Ideas

Winter Decoration • 42 Comments

Since the mantel will be one of the important things that you have in your house during winter, the…
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Decorate Your Mantel with these 30 Fall Touch Idea

Decoration, home improvement • 42 Comments

After the long summertime, when the fall is coming, there are some decoration parts of your home th…
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Giving Spring Touches to Your Mantel with These 30 Ideas


Although your fireplace might not be used just like when the winter comes, it can be the spot to be…
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50 Ways to Decorate Your Spring Mantel

Decoration, Home Decoration, Interior Design

Well, when the winter is gone, you can turn your fireplace to be something that can add beauty to y…
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How to Display Your Winter Mantel Decorations

Winter Decoration • One Comment

When talking about winter, it won’t be far from the mantel. Even more, it is such a must for …
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25 Proper Winter Mantel Designs

Winter Decoration • 20 Comments

Related to the fireplace, it will be great if you can give the touches of winter there where you ca…
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