Month: January 2021

Living Room Ideas

52 Rustic Modern Minimalist Living Room Decor Ideas

It might sound impossible, but it can be a really great idea to combine the rustic style with the modern style. It will be fit for those who live in the city and love simplicity but still need a warm atmosphere not to make their occupancies feel boring. Or, it could be adapted for those who love old things but do not want to be seen out of style especially by their guests.

Garden & Outdoor, Garden Decor

24 Planter Ideas to Create an Awesome Garden Landscaping

Talking about the beauty of the garden landscaping, the planter will be one of the aspects that can give such a big influence. The fact is that there are so many planter ideas so that you can have a varied planter to really adjust to your garden decoration style. Moreover, the materials are also varied as you can pick the one based on your budget and capability.

Decoration, Home Decor

22 Pretty Wall Decoration for Your Small House

In giving the beauty touch into your small house, the best thing that you can do is utilizing the wall. It could be really effective since it doesn’t take space on the floor that will make the house looks crowded. Hence, you don’t need to be worried because wall decoration could also varied. You will be able to make it looks pretty and not boring at all.