15 Pretty Dreamcatcher Ideas for Your Summer Decoration

During summer with the fresh air and the wind blowing, applying something hanging and can move is a good thing and can be said as the right time. From all of the choices, picking the dreamcatcher is great. It has many varied designs and the beauty is not doubted anymore. The application is also flexible where you can install it in any place both indoor and outdoor. However, since it is summertime, then installing one for your outdoor space is recommended. You can have it for your porch, patio, or even your garden. If you have a tree in your yard, the hanging one or two dreamcatchers will be great! The dreamcatchers can be bought at the store or if you want, you can make them yourself. The budget is also varied as you can see in the references below.

Natural Material Dreamcatcher

If you’re a fan of all things natural then you’ll love this clever DIY dream catcher. This smooth circle made of dry tree branches can be perfected with threads, beads, and feathers to make the overall look more eclectic. Just choose and use feathers with colors that match this dream catcher so they can blend in perfectly. The brown and white tones applied to this dream catcher are suitable for your outdoor decoration as a natural and down-to-earth look.

Cardboard Ring Dreamcatcher

No need to worry when you have a limited budget to make a dream catcher as your outdoor decoration. The thing you can do right now is to use materials that you have around your house. For example, you can use cardboard and rope as a very appropriate combination. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also hang some writing that is suitable for this summer, for example, flower writing that has been punched in the top so that it can be applied more easily.

Eclectic Feathers Dreamcatcher

For fun and excitement, check out this feathered tassel DIY dreamcatcher. It gives a soft feel to the room which is a charming addition to any bedroom space when you are trying to create a relaxing environment. Traditionally, dream catchers are placed above the bed; However, they can also be hung on the bedroom door. Using them on your door serves the same purpose, but adds a nice decorative touch to your boring bedroom entryway. Choose your favorite color to create tassels of yarn to give your handmade dreamcatcher a personal touch. You can try it easily according to your expectations.

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Rainbow Garden Dreamcatcher

To make a bold statement, dynamic colors will instantly light up your garden décor. Now you can try to make this dream catcher craft yourself according to the design you want, and use popular designs to make it look cooler. Just hang this dream catcher on a tree in this garden using a rope that has the same color as the thread used so that it blends perfectly. Pom-poms, beads, and feathers make for a blend of materials that attracts all the personalities she needs.

Simple Feather DIY Dreamcatcher

You can make a dream catcher at home according to the current season. For summer style, then you can use orange feathers as a base material that has a bold color. You don’t need to be too big to make this dream catcher, you can make it in a small size that is perfected with dark-colored net yarn. The circle is lined with dark cloth which also makes it look very elegant, you can try it now to the fullest.


Multicolored Kid-Friendly Feather Dreamcatcher

Bright and lively the scene is when children come together to create a colorful dream catcher. With beads, feathers, and an easy dream catcher thread this is the perfect activity for family and home guests to enjoy. Using many bright colors in the use of this feather dreamcatcher will be a suitable decoration for your plain wall decoration on the porch or backyard patio area. In the circle, white beads will unite all the colors.

Black Color

Sometimes simplicity is a real beauty of a room decoration that can be made as a statement after seeing this classic thread dream catcher which is dominated by solid black. You can make it in fairly large size. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also use an oval shape that is perfected with tassels of the same color. Here you no longer need beads or feathers, because the appearance is already so stunning and can be used as a reference when you want to make it.

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Twig Dreamcatcher

Adjust the material you have with the size of the dream catcher that you will make. For example, when you have a thread with a limited length, you can embroider it in the circle with a beautiful floral pattern. Beads, dry twigs, feathers, crystal stones and threads are a blend of materials that will blend well when made into a dream catcher craft. When your thread is red, for feathers you can use orange to make it look quite contrast and match the theme you are currently using, which is summer.

Bold Feathers DIY Dreamcatcher

One good idea to get rid of boredom is to make crafts that you can do together with your children. This simple dreamcatcher craft is a cool choice because it allows you to create something that can decorate your own home. The materials needed are also very simple and you can buy them at a low cost, just buy them online to make it more practical. This colorful feather is the right choice of material and can be arranged vertically using several ropes of different heights.

Summer Vibes Dreamcatcher

One summer decoration that you can try right now is a brightly colored dream catcher. For now you can combine shades of blue, yellow and orange as a color combination that can blend perfectly. This white and blue thread can be embroidered into a beautiful pattern on a circle. Beads and feathers make perfect strand decorations and bring out an instant summer feel. After this dreamcatcher looks perfect, then you can hang it on the wall using a nail or hook that has been applied properly.

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Lace Dreamcatcher Ideas

The Lace dreamcatcher is a simple project that you can use as a stunning wall hanging for your home decor right now. You can apply it indoors or outdoors as needed. Make a dreamcatcher with three different sizes so that it can be used as the focal point of the room. With this, the lace material that you reuse will be more useful, better and maximally. Another layout option you can place on top of your bed to get rid of all your nightmares so you get a perfect night’s sleep.

Bohemian Style Dreamcatcher

To bring a bohemian summer theme to your porch area, you can make a dreamcather craft which is dominated by macrame material. Furthermore, to perfect it, then you can combine it with lace, tassel and beads of the same color. White is always the right color choice and of course makes it easier for you to combine it with other furniture around it. To emphasize the summer theme this year, you can place it right next to flowers that are blooming beautifully, purple flowers are a combination of very contrasting shades.

Classic Dreamcather for Living Room Ideas

Adjust the style of using a dreamcatcher with the feel of your current living room. When your living room has a classic vintage feel, you can also use a dreamcatcher with a matching style. This white theme dreamcatcher perfected with tassels and beads will make for a very eye-catching decoration. You can hang it to the ceiling area using a rope that is long enough so that it can be balanced with your wooden sofa. Get these tassels at the nearest craft store at a price that is not too expensive.

Dreamcatcher Design with String Light

So that your dream catcher can still be seen at night, then adding a loop in the circle area is a smart idea that you can do. Choose and use a string light that has yellow lighting to give the room a warm impression. The existence of this string light also makes it look sparkly when placed in a dark room. You can add it easily, get string light online at a very affordable price. The blue feathers material is the perfect choice for this summer theme.

Sunflower Dreamcatcher

Beautify your garden with these beautiful handcrafted decorations, the sunflower dream catcher is one of the designs you can make and it is absolutely stunning. Here the dream catcher is dominated by a combination of yellow and white so that it looks so contrasting. There is no need to add other ornaments to the appearance, the embroidered thread is enough to give the final result with a beautiful pattern. Hang it in one of the garden areas that your guests often visit to make it a fantastic attraction.


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