Functional Under the Stair Cozy Nook You Can Have

When you have only a small home space, utilizing any possible blank space in your house is a must. One of the possible spaces that you can have is the under-the-stair space. Rather than let it without any utilization that will only make it dirty with the dust, it is better to use it. For your reference, you can have it for the reading nook, playground, or even your pet house. Decorate it well so that the existence of the spot can be used to beautify the home decoration at once and not only for the function. It will be great if you can provide a harmonious decoration style between your under-the-stair space with the decoration around. For example, if you have a modern home decoration style, then you can apply your under-the-stair decoration with the modern style also.

Modern Reading Nook Ideas

Take advantage of the area under the stairs as a very useful room for you or your family in this house. For now, you can use it as a reading nook decoration that can be perfected with a comfortable and soft sitting area. A built-in bench with multiple throw pillows and a faux fur blanket adds warmth and provides a softer surface. Another advantage of using this bench is that it can be used as a storage idea because at the bottom there is a pull-out drawer. Another decoration that you can do is to coat the plain wall with wallpaper that has a waterdrop pattern with a predominance of black and white. These two colors are able to bring a monochromatic touch instantly. Modern Reading Nook with Water Drop Wallpaper from @tara_gast_realtor

Seating Spot

If you have a house with limited space, you can use the entire room well and maximally. Do you have an empty room right under the stairs? Yes, you can try to use it as a small nook room that can be used as a sitting area that can be used together with a partner. Decoration that you can do here is to add a floating bench complete with storage drawers underneath. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also put a wicker rattan planter that can be filled with one type of indoor green plant that is fresh and able to last longer indoors. Take care of this indoor plant so that it can develop well even if it is placed indoors. Seating Spot @tara_gast_realtor

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Retro Living Room

Look at the decoration of the living room under the stairs, doesn’t it have a different layout and people don’t think much about it? Just try decorating this living room with a retro style that is dominated by a combination of wood floor colors with furniture that is dominated by solid black. This black color can be applied to a sofa and wall painting, while the wood color can be applied to the floor area and the drink bar placed right in front of the leather sofa. This way, your guests can make their own drinks according to what they want. This living room decoration idea under the stairs is suitable for those of you who have minimalist home decor with limited space, you can try it now to the fullest. Retro Living Room Under Stairs from @ulivohome_design

Simple Nook

When you have a nook room under the stairs with a simple appearance, there is no need to worry. Because now you can decorate it with several gallery walls that can be used as wall decorations that are still plain and look boring. The gallery wall used is also very diverse, ranging from small to medium. When you are an animal lover, then you can choose an animal gallery wall theme with a variety of different types so that it is more varied. Cover the concrete part of the bench with a soft seat cushion to make it comfortable to use by anyone in this room. Get this gallery wall online at a low price, also hang it in a different arrangement so that it can be used as a beautiful background. Simple Nook with Festive Gallery Wall from @mycolourfulhome_no7

Bohemian Vibes Nook Entryway

There’s nothing wrong with applying a bohemian theme in an entryway under the stairs of your house. This bohemian theme is dominated by a combination of black and white, so it fits perfectly when combined directly with a modern or minimalist style. Because the entryway decorations under the stairs have limited floor space, you can use the right interior, for example using the wall area as a storage idea by adding some medium-sized hooks. Not only that, you can also choose a DIY wooden bench complete with shoe storage underneath. This green plant with a boho-patterned vase is placed on a wooden pedestal so that its presence can be seen more clearly and boldly. Just end this room with two throw pillows and a runner rug in a boho pattern too. Bohemian Nook Entryway from @gonewiththe_windleaves

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Study Nook with Scandinavian Themed

The white nuance with the color of the wood in some of the interiors in the study nook area indirectly brings the Scandinavian theme instantly. This study nook has limited space because it is under the stairs you use. Here your child will learn comfortably and be more focused because it is quite closed. Another advantage that can be obtained is to use unused floor space in a room that is useful for your family. The use of a floating table will also make it easier for you when doing maintenance on the floor, then when you need storage, you can attach an open hanging shelf to an empty part of the wall. Scandinavian Study Nook from @marys_newhome_inspo

Mini Home Office Design Ideas

The corner under the stairs is the perfect solution for a modern or minimalist home office decoration that you must try right now. No need to worry when faced with a narrow room because now you can use the stairs as built-in storage that is arranged vertically. Here you can spend your working day at home more focused. Repaint the desks, open shelves and storage cabinets in blue for a bright look and of course it looks more modern and never goes out of style. Also make sure you get enough lighting by using a table lamp so that it is more focused when used at night, this lamp also doesn’t take up much space. Mini Home Office Design Ideas from @garryskubo

Minimalist Nook Playhouse

Naturally, the area under the stairs is comfortable so just make this area a safe playhouse for your children when they are at home. Add supporting lighting so that it makes this room feel brighter and open during the day or night. Maximum lighting also allows your children to read their favorite magazines in this place too. Also provide a built-in storage wall in the playhouse area under the stair with a low height so that it is more friendly for your children. Just design and remodel the room under the stairs in a modern or minimalist style so that it doesn’t go out of style. This arched wooden door which is repainted in different colors adds a beautiful and elegant color. Minimalist Nook Playhouse from @seabrightlane

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Small Pet area Under Stairs

Turn the dead space under the stairs into a pet area that can be used as the most comfortable area for your dog. What you can do here is decorate it with DIY hanging your dog’s name that can be applied to the empty wall. Don’t forget to repaint so that it looks in accordance with the stairs in use, white paint is always the best choice to give an open, clean and elegant look. Add some of your pet equipment such as blankets, stainless steel bowls and rattan wicker baskets as storage containers for your favorite pet games so that they look neater and more organized. The gray with white that dominates the pet area under the stairs can blend more perfectly without giving a tacky color contrast. Small Pet Area Under Stair from @seabrightlane

Multifunctional Nook

The area under the stairs is not only used by one type of room. The combination of a reading nook with a pet area can work well together and can be applied side by side without disturbing each other. This reading nook is perfected with a wall scones lamp that can be used as the main lighting that is more focused at night. Just put your favorite books or magazines under the existing bench so that it looks neater and more organized. Some patterned pillows with a combination of black and white make this area more textured and less boring. Furthermore, for the pet area, you can add door accents to make it close, and can be repainted in a color that matches the surrounding walls. This way, the bottom of the stairs will be more multifunctional. Multifunctional Nook Under Stairs from @redecorgallery


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