How to Put Snowman to Your Outdoor Winter Decoration

Having the snowman as part of your winter home decoration is such a must. It can even be said that there won’t be winter without snowmen. Especially for your outdoor decoration where the snowman will be the one who welcomes your guests during winter. That is why, here, we are going to talk about the snowman that is used to decorate your outdoor space. Anyway, providing the snowman for your decoration doesn’t mean that you should provide the real snowman from the snow. There are so many ways that you can do to put the snowman for your outdoor decoration. For example, you can have the snowman lighting where the snowman can be spotted during the night which is awesome. Then, you may also have the snowman statue that is installed in the yard to really welcome your guests. If you want other examples of the snowman application for your outdoor space, you can check the following images.

Sparkle Snowman Decoration

To welcome the early winter of this year, you can make a simple snowman. Prepare three snowmen with various different sizes to make it look more varied and not boring. Next, wrap the string light around the outer surface of the snowman so that it looks more sparkling when it gets dark outside. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also add a red hat and scarf so that it looks bolder. Just arrange the presence of this sparkle snowman in the porch area as the first decoration that guests who come to your house will see. Triple Sparkle Snowman Decor from @rajee2585

New Focal Point of Winter Porch

One way you can do to perfect the winter porch decoration this year is to place a snowman ornament that is large and tall enough so that it is ready to be used as an important new focal point and will never fail. This snowman is made of transparent shiny beads so that it looks quite luxurious and will give a more glossy appearance when exposed to the reflection of the lights around it. Don’t forget to add a hat and scarf in red for a more perfect look. Just put it on the floor area near the stairs area as a festive and fun welcome when winter comes. High and Big Snowman Design from @powell_victorian_revival

DIY Snowman Ladder On a Budget

Look at the design of this DIY snowman made of a wooden ladder, isn’t it very interesting and easy to try right now? Yes, you can try it easily, cheaply and of course, it doesn’t require a lot of other materials to make it. What is needed here are boots, white dacron, a checked scarf, and a black hat as the perfect finishing touch. Just attach the dacron material to the head, body, and legs evenly as a faux snow accent that is ready to be used as a porch winter decoration this year. You can lean it against the wall so that this snowman ladder can stand firmly and not easily fall when used throughout this winter. DIY Snowman Ladder On a Budget from @daisylife4sher

Reuse Slice Wood for Outdoor Winter Decor

Do you have enough wood slices that you don’t use anymore? To be more useful then you can reuse it to be made as a winter ornament, namely a snowman. Just arrange it according to the design you want. The size is large enough to be the best choice you can do. There is no need to repaint this snowman slice wood so that it can blend in with the outdoor atmosphere. Fabric with a checkered pattern is the best choice as an accent scarf that can be wrapped around the neck of this snowman. Furthermore, the DIY wooden deer placed next to it becomes a combination that never fails. Reuse Slice Wood DIY Snowman from @cocolinahayekjr

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Knitted Crafts Snowman Ideas

To prepare for winter outdoor decorations, you can make a DIY snowman by knitting fabrics that are already available. Here what you can prepare are knitting threads, needles, safety pins, plaid patterned fabric, hats and black buttons to accent the eyes and mouth. Attach these black buttons using adhesive glue. If you don’t have all the materials you need then you can buy them at any winter craft shop around your house. Making and knitting a snowman is a fun way to sit down with your family and friends. Just choose knitting yarn in white to match the original color of the snow. Knitting Crafts Snowman Ideas from @craftychickcrochet

Cutes Pallet DIY Snowman

Along with these wooden pallets, you can prepare a little snowman that will add to the charm of this festive winter. This can be prepared with a wooden pallet that has been repainted in plain white. To add fun to the overall design of this snowman, you can prepare black and orange paint to be applied to the hat, eyes and mouth accents. Additional flower paintings are also the best choice that you can try now, choose them with bright red paint. Just put this DIY snowman along with the greenery all around it. The materials used are very easy to find. Pallet DIY Snowman from @victorianpetalshome

Outdoor Snowman for Winter Themed

This snowman design that is placed outdoors is decorated with attractive and sparkling colors that are ready to be used as a winter decoration that never fails. You can get the snowflake ornament that is attached to the snowman’s body at the nearest craft store, just stick it using a fairly sturdy adhesive glue. Hats and scarves that have matching colors and patterns are the finishing touches that you can attach to this snowman for a more attractive and very inviting final look. Just put this snowman design close to the greenery so it can look bolder because it has its own different color. Outdoor Snowman for Winter Themed from @olgadiktator

Handmade Barn Wood Snowman

When you don’t have a lot of money to make a DIY snowman, there’s no need to worry because now you can make your own with materials you already have at home. For example, you can make a snowman with barn wood that has been repainted with plain white so that it has a color that matches the original. Don’t forget to add black paint to apply to the eyes, mouth and body parts. Furthermore, a rope with a bold red color can be wrapped around the snowman’s neck to be used as an attention-grabbing scarf accent. Then you can hang it on the part of the outdoor wall that is still empty and plain. Handmade Barn Wood Snowman from @beachbarnart

Winter Style with Hanging Door Decor

Don’t let your front door decor look plain and boring. Now you can decorate it with a hanging door in the form of a snowman ornament that looks more festive when combined directly with two topiary plant pots on the right and left sides. This topiary tree can be perfected with a fairly large DIY snowflake. Before hanging the snowman ornament, you can repaint the front door with jet black paint so that the presence of the snowman ornament can look bolder and ready to be used as a focal point in the winter porch area. The checkered pattern on the pot is a very eye-catching addition of color. Hanging Door Snowman Ideas from @ashleynicholedesigns

Snowman with Greenery Accent

When the snow outside the room has accumulated a lot, then you can use it as one of the winter outdoor decorations that are quite interesting. Currently you can make a snowman with a size large enough and can also be combined with some green plants to be applied to the neck and head. Also add eye and nose accents for a more perfect look. You can make it in the front yard or backyard according to the decorations needed, but when you need a new view for guests or family who come then just apply it in the front yard garden. Snowman with Greenery Accent from @dobrocky_david

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Festive Look Outdoor Snowman Design

An easy way that you can do to welcome winter this year is to make a snowman ornament that is large enough to be placed in a plant pot. This snowman made of thin wood is ready to be applied indoors or outdoors because it has a fairly sturdy surface and is not easily porous. To make it look more attractive, you can add accents of hats and scarves with striking colors, for example, you can mix black with bold red. White ribbon accessories and faux snowflakes that are applied together with this DIY snowman are a sweet finishing touch. Festive Look Snowman Design from @katie_j_west

Snowman Ideas for Outdoor Lighting

Make your home’s outdoor decoration the most festive of all with the use of snowman lighting which is filled with string light accents as a whole. Even though the outdoor area feels dark, when the snowman lighting is used, the outdoor display will be brighter. This outdoor snowman also has a fairly large size and can be used as a front yard decoration that will display colorful lights and be ready to be made as a new sight for your neighbors who pass in front of the house. Its existence is also able to make winter decorations more fun for children or adults. Outdoor Snowman Lighting Ideas from @diana_pop

Simple Wooden Snowman Design

If you are running out of time then the easiest way to prepare a snowman is from a small piece of wood that can be repainted in plain white, this is an idea that doesn’t cost much. Nothing is as easy as this. All you need to do is add a sage green knitted fabric to be used as an accent scarf and beanie. Attach these two accessories firmly so that they don’t come off easily when used throughout the winter. There’s nothing wrong with putting it outdoors because it’s not easily porous when exposed to drastic outdoor weather changes. DIY Wooden Snowman Design from @madshortstories

Snowman Porch Leaner

Reuse your old pallets to be used as outdoor decorations that match the winter theme. What you can do with this pallet is turn it into a DIY snowman that is quite eye-catching. Previously you could repaint the surface of the pallet with white as the base color. Next, attach some accessories such as snowflakes, ribbons and white faux fur accents. For the face, you can paint the eyes in black and the nose in orange with a shape resembling a carrot. After everything is installed properly then take it outdoors as an early winter welcome this year. Pallet Wood Snowman with Snowflake Accent from @terri_gonzalez

White Flannel Snowman Ideas

Are you someone who is able to make your own crafts without needing a professional? If so, then you can make two snowmen in the balcony area as the main decoration when winter arrives. Just make a snowman with white flannel that has been filled with dacron so that it expands and can resemble a snowman more perfectly. After it is filled with dacron, you can sew on the sides firmly so that it is not easily damaged. Faux carrots can be attached to the face to be used as a nose accent. Make this flannel snowman with two equal sizes to make it look more matching. White Flannel Snowman Ideas from @tati_p_art

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Outdoor Snowman Lighting

When you put a snowman outdoors, it never hurts to add a little lighting to keep it shining at night. Just install it on the inside of this snowman frame with a string light that has white lighting, this string light is easy to find in stores around your house at a very affordable price. When all these accessories and lights are installed as desired, the snowman is ready to be made as a decoration that will never fail. The choice of a red scarf is the right choice to provide a contrasting color that attracts attention for you to try right now. Outdoor Snowman Lighting from @purplellamassquishmallows

Farmhouse Style Block Wood Snowman

When you have two wooden blocks of the same size then there is nothing difficult about a snowman that you can do yourself with the family to get a beautiful finish. All you need to do is repaint the wooden block with white as the appropriate base color. Furthermore, for the hat, eyes and nose you can use a combination of black and orange which will have a contrasting impression. Before making it as an important decoration or ornament in outdoor winter decorations, try to apply the paint that is dry. Just leave this snowman outdoors along with other greenery around him. Farmhouse Block Wood Snowman from @orchardhouse_farmhouse

Checkered Snowman Wreath

Give a different look to the use of this snowman wreath by adding another pattern to the hat that is used. For example, you can use a snowman hat with a checkered pattern that is dominated by a combination of black and white. Not only snowman, here you can combine it with other ornaments such as green plants, colorful ribbons and snowball ornaments with a choice of blue and white colors. All the colors used in this winter wreath will look bold because the wooden front door has been repainted with a dark black color that looks shiny and makes the porch decoration more neutral. Checkered Snowman Wreath from @ashleynicholedesigns

Rustic Burlap Snowman Wreath

The glass front door which is perfected with two burlap snowman wreaths gives an instant rustic impression. You can make it yourself according to the design you want, just sew the burlap so that it doesn’t fade and get damaged when used all winter this year. If the burlap material looks too plain and boring, then you can combine it with plaid fabric as an accent tie that has a mix of red and solid black. It doesn’t end here, you also have to add a hand part with evergreens that can be found easily in the backyard garden area. All the ingredients needed are very easy to find so it’s quite a favorite. Rustic Burlap Snowman Wreath from @sweetcreationsbyjeannette

Outdoor Winter Vibes Decoration

If you have made a snowman with a size large enough then you can apply it outdoors so that it can be seen by anyone who visits your house. It’s a good idea to sprinkle the outer surface of this snowman with white snow around it so that it instantly emphasizes the winter theme. The next thing you can do right now is to add a knitted scarf in red to make it look more eye-catching. Another ornament that can be combined with this snowman is a small deer made of wood, a candle lantern next to the snowman is an idea for lighting at night so that the presence of this snowman can be seen whenever you want. Winter Snowman Design with Height Size from @blixtagarden

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