Bedroom lighting choice will affect room decoration. For girl nursery room, you can use pink chandelier. It doesn’t only add her bedroom lighting but also makes it look more inviting. Pink is most of women’s favorite color. Choose pink chandelier will be a great decision to make her happy. Check out these pink chandeliers that can be chosen as your little girl’s lighting;

Mason Jar should be ready on your ware house. This is one of the materials that used most to make DIY. It can be repurposed as pots, storage, and lamps. When you want to add something unique for your house, this Mason jar will help you. Just schedule the time to make DIY Mason jar lamps this weekend. Here are the best ten Mason jar lamp ideas to copy; Cute Mini Glitter Lamps Mason jar lamps with glitter look glamour for your house. Moreover, the glitter may come with various colors that will cause different light color as well. Put it on the table and see how brilliant this lantern. Mason Jar Log Lamp Let your bedroom be different by this Mason jar log lamp on the table. Fill the Mason jar with some log to create natural view. Instead of buying the lamp, make it at this weekend will…

One of the places for having story is dining room. Here is when your family talking about their daily activities and discuss anything. There will be the best moment for you to tell the vision of your family one year later. Having a dining room with the best lighting design may look better to support the room function. Just take a look further at these ten modern dining room design.

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