Bring the spirit of freedom right on your bedroom. Wake up every morning with new soul after take a rest calmly at Bohemian bedroom decoration. Since, boho comes with patterns, colors, lines and textures that mix and match freely, you will be easy to apply Bohemian style for your bedroom. Then, there are shabby chic and traditional touches as well. See these following ideas;

Try something stylish but also easy-going for your dining room design. Let’s move from formal dining room style that usually applied by home owner. Be creative, free, and more spirit with Bohemian dining room design to upgrade your home. Add more patterns, colors, texture as like as you want. Bohemian always appears artistic, inviting, and attractive.

Garden naturally comes with green. Add some colors to your outdoor is great decision to make you garden more attractive. Bohemian garden design will allow you to install more colors and patterns. Give some colorful fabrics, pillows, bench, or other accents.

Balcony is a little space which is not easy to design. Give it furniture that is not suitable may create busy look. However, let it be empty is not a god decision regarding we are often spend more time at morning or evening at this place.

Let your house looks unique by applying Bohemian room decoration. It deals with free-spirit soul that will trigger your soul be more attractive. You have to be able to mix and match some colors and pattern without causing clutter.