Mirror is not only used to reflect someone’s face anymore. In this new era, mirror functions as room decoration as well. They are provided into some models that can be used for room decoration. Overall, mirror makes a great statement to improve your interior design.

Tiny house doesn’t mean look narrow or crowded. Some people who have tiny house already spend time to gain creativity for making it looks larger. Furthermore, you don’t have to just play with white paint to make tiny house larger. You can use pink, pitch, orange, or more. Then, you can apply pattern as well.

Choosing the right color for bathroom is important. It deals with how your bathroom looks like. You are pleased to use any tiles for bathroom, but make sure it will not make this room look scary. Some people tend to apply soft color while other like to use bold. See these following ideas;

Have you ever think about designing your living space according to your zodiac sign? Because it is August, it’s all about the Leos. This fire sign is best characterized by their king/queen-of-the-jungle attitude and larger-than-life personality. Leo’s temperament can be very fiery. Their symbol is the lion and they are known as a fire sign. Leos ruling planet is the sun. The sun is the center of universe, that’s why Leos love to be the center of attention and the center of the party. Leos like to do things large. Leos are born to have an abundant life, while creating a space that reflects their personality; they are the royalty of the zodiac.

For the one who just become bride and bridegroom, romantic bathroom will make sensational experience. With beautiful chandelier, elegant bathtub, and small lighting you can feel all the magic. The bathroom may be one of the best favorite places for you all to spend most time.

Instead of going to a place for treatment, creating your own bathroom spa will eventually the best choice. You can use bathtub any time you need. The role of bathroom spa is not only for cleaning your body but also relaxing your mind. Candles, flowers, fragrance, pebbles are the material that you need to improve your bathroom.

When a guest comes to your house, you need to prepare a room for them to rest. Make them feel comfort is your duty. A great room that cozy, eye-catching, and relaxing looks suitable for them. Let them enjoy their time at your house. Just take a look at nine attractive guest bedroom ideas bellow;

Having the same decoration is can easily make you feel boring, that’s why, many people are hate to stay for a long time at home. And re-decorating can cost a lot. But worry not, there are so many cheap and easy way that you can do during your weekend that will instantly upgrade your space look only with a small changes. Now check out these 8 weekend projects to make your home feel its best below to inspire you.

PVC pipes are almost good for everything. Amusing PVC pipes help to improve the decoration more elegant. Instead of spending much money for any circumstance, better for you to use PVC pipes. The circle pattern creates unique point of interest. Here are ten best PVC pipes uses for home decoration to try;