8 Attractive Table Lamps Designs For Boy’s Room That Also Cute

When we talk about boy’s room, it will deal with sport, machine, and nature. Add room accent just like table lamp should be in term of masculine design. For boy nursery room, we can add table lamp with cute design as well. However, it has to reflect boy characters. See these ideas below;

8 Fascinating Guests Room Designs To Let Them Rest Like Their Own

Let your guests feel like on their own home by designing sophisticated guest room. They may feel exhausted after hundreds or thousands miles journey. What you need to prepare is a comfy guest room. Have a great night sleep at someone’s house may hard to a guest, but you may prepare the best guest room as you can.

8 Flooring Options That Will Give Much Effect To Your House Design

Flooring may less recognize as one element that will affect house design. It plays role to define house style. When you use wood or stone, the house will be considered as traditional theme. Then, when you apply marble, it will call modern. However, nowadays designers tend to mix and match them for any house style. Check out these options;

Herringbone Pattern Application Ideas To Upgrade Room Decoration

Pattern adds texture in decoration. Herringbone pattern comes with “V” shape which breaks at each section’s reversal, not like chevron. Some people choose herringbone because it classic but timeless. So, they can apply this pattern for any room to gain durable design. Below you’ll find some ideas to use herringbone pattern in cool ways;

8 Modern Fun Kids’ Room Designs That Will Make Them Enjoy To Play Or Rest

A room for kids doesn’t have to look colorful. Modern kid’s room design allows you to use neutral color such as brown and grey. However, a bedroom with smart storage and or play area will be more interested. See these following modern kids’ room ideas;

8 Sophisticated Sewing Room Designs That Will Make You More Productive

Are you a designer, a mom, or just someone who loves to sew? Create a sewing room may less priority. However, having sewing room can help you to repair your broken clothes. Then, how to decorate sewing room that will boost your creativity? See further ideas below;

8 Simple Ways To Add Brightness For Your Dark Room That You Must Try

You may see one of your rooms looked darker than other. It usually happens because of limited lighting. Not every home is full of natural light. Dark room may decrease your mood. Even, it will affect your home decor. So, you need to add brightness instantly to improve your room decoration. Try this easy ways;

8 Extravagant Ways To Use Chalkboard For Room Decoration

Chalkboard for school is common thing. However, chalkboard for home decoration is incredible. It may help you to give message for your family. Express your feeling, dream, creativity, or anything that you want anybody to see. Furthermore, you can clean it anytime when you have bored and want to change the message and or drawings. Let’s check out these ideas below;

9 Modern Breakfast Bar Designs For More Exciting Morning

The idea of having your own breakfast bar will boost your mood at morning. It may be located near your dining area or next to the window. However, you may need more furniture, lighting, and space to build breakfast nook as your desire. Eat your breakfast or just drink your coffee will be more exciting.

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