Carpet usually comes with many patterns and colors that can be combined with other elements at your room. Pairing the rug with room color is the basic principle of making a sophisticated room. There are animal print, geometric, or even natural pattern that will improve room decoration. These carpet trends may attract you to add them as one of your room accents.

French country style bedroom shows more about colors, patterns, and material that blend in cohesive combination without look too busy or outdated. It may appear feminine, colorful, welcoming, and or casual with old-word style but nit goes out of fashion. Furthermore, you can combine it with traditional or modern decoration as well. See these French country bedroom decor that may inspire you;

To gain exotic patio design, Moroccan style is the answer. You need bright fabric, low tables and chairs, cushions and rugs, geometric patterns, and other Moroccan furniture to have Moroccan patio decoration. Overall, Moroccan is colorful, rich of pattern, traditional but comfy and chic.

Pattern adds texture in decoration. Herringbone pattern comes with “V” shape which breaks at each section’s reversal, not like chevron. Some people choose herringbone because it classic but timeless. So, they can apply this pattern for any room to gain durable design. Below you’ll find some ideas to use herringbone pattern in cool ways;

Bring the spirit of freedom right on your bedroom. Wake up every morning with new soul after take a rest calmly at Bohemian bedroom decoration. Since, boho comes with patterns, colors, lines and textures that mix and match freely, you will be easy to apply Bohemian style for your bedroom. Then, there are shabby chic and traditional touches as well. See these following ideas;

Garden naturally comes with green. Add some colors to your outdoor is great decision to make you garden more attractive. Bohemian garden design will allow you to install more colors and patterns. Give some colorful fabrics, pillows, bench, or other accents.

Tiny house doesn’t mean look narrow or crowded. Some people who have tiny house already spend time to gain creativity for making it looks larger. Furthermore, you don’t have to just play with white paint to make tiny house larger. You can use pink, pitch, orange, or more. Then, you can apply pattern as well.

Stained glass comes with its own statement for a room decoration. Window, door, or even wall will be more stunning when you apply stained glass. Just mix and matched the pattern and color for your house style and be different. Let see how your house will be if you choose to copy from these eight stained glass decoration as follows;

Honeycomb deals with hexagon shape that fit to any pattern. For more luxury look, hexagon tile, mirror, and or other furniture will improve a home design. Though only a pattern, but honeycomb will change the room decoration dramatically. Here are enchanting ways to integrate honeycomb patterns

Designing room with pattern needs more time to think. If you make a mistake, the room will dramatically worse. Moreover, it can be clutter or messy. You should upgrade room decor knowledge to mix and matched the pattern.

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