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8 Inspiring Wall Lighting Designs That May Improve Your Room Decor

Accessories • 17 Comments

Lighting is one of the keys to make a wonderful room decoration. Some people tend to apply modern l…
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8 Inspiring Bathroom With Artwork Decor Ideas For More Aesthetic Look


Adding artwork at bathroom needs consideration due to the space that usually used for bathroom is n…
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8 Inspiring Ideas to Spruce Up Your Room With Contact Paper Decoration

Interior Design • 80 Comments

Contact paper helps you to spruce up your room decoration without major renovation. It doesn’t need…
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8 Iconic Wallpaper Trends For More Stylish Room Decor

Interior Design • 19 Comments

Wallpapering wall upgrades room decoration in simple step. This decor trend will not be old-fashion…
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8 Striped Accent Wall Ideas For More Pleasant Bedroom Look

Interior Design • 17 Comments

Sometimes, people feel bored with their bedroom decoration. To renovate the room will need more tim…
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8 Must Known Painting Technique To Upgrade Your Walls Decor

Home Decoration • 18 Comments

Painting will give impact to a room decoration. When you feel your room already old-fashioned, you …
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How White Brick Walls Give Tremendous Effect To Interior Design

Home Decoration • 21 Comments

Is brick is left behind? It will be based on the style you choose for your house. White brick wall …
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8 Awe-Inspiring Wallpaper Ideas That Give Statement To Living Room Decor

Accessories • 70 Comments

Wallpaper can fill blank wall to look more enchanting. There are thousands wallpaper designs that m…
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Dazzling Easter Wreath Designs That Everyone Will Love

Accessories • 18 Comments

Design wreath will not take much time, even a DIY newbie can create it well. You only have to buy w…
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8 Clever Tips On How To make Ceilings Look Higher

Home Decoration • 17 Comments

Ceilings actually play major impact for a house decoration. House with high ceiling looks more eleg…
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Try These 8 Baffling Wall Art Ideas To Live Up Your Empty Space

Interior Design • 72 Comments

When a part of you wall seems empty, you need to add more accents. It is easy to buy something at t…
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8 Inspiring Wreath Designs To Get New Spirit This Spring

Accessories • 16 Comments

To welcome spring, you need to upgrade your home decoration. Get new spring spirit creating attractive wreath. There are various wreath...
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9 Modern Wall Clock Designs That Will Improve Your Wall Decor


Wall clock may create great statement towards your room decoration. The designer already created va…
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8 Creative Ways to Decorate With Mirror for Any Room

Home Decoration • 61 Comments

Mirror is not only used to reflect someone’s face anymore. In this new era, mirror functions as roo…
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8 Wallpaper Ideas to Improve Your Kitchen Decoration Just In Simple Step

Interior Design • 62 Comments

Changing kitchen decoration doesn’t mean you have to do renovation. You can do simple thing like ad…
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