Lighting is one of the keys to make a wonderful room decoration. Some people tend to apply modern lighting much more than the traditional one. Modern lighting design upgrades the room to appear simple but chic. They can be chandeliers, pendants, lamp or the combination of two or more styles. Here are some inspiring wall lighting designs that may improve your room decor.

Wallpapering wall upgrades room decoration in simple step. This decor trend will not be old-fashioned. Due to wallpaper pattern that will always change according to the newest decor style, your room will not look annoying. Whatever the wallpaper used, even with ancient pattern, the room looks inviting and fresh. You need to try these following iconic wallpaper trends for more stylish room decor;

To welcome spring, you need to upgrade your home decoration. Get new spring spirit creating attractive wreath. There are various wreath designs that you may copy for your door decor. Like these following inspiring wreath designs; Attractive Double Wreath Two circles for one wreath look unique for your door this spring. Look at the flowers with various patterns and colors which will make your design appear different from others. Buy or create, it’s up to you. Wrapped With Yarn Use yarn to create spring wreath will not hard. Choose different colors to add aesthetic value on it. However, it will be better to apply calm or earthy tone which will be fit to any door or wall color. Look at the picture, the wreath is designed very well with some paper flowers and cute butterfly. Vintage Wreath Be creative with burlap! This wreath will add a touch of vintage look…

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